5G And Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones was seventy-one and a little frail, though otherwise healthy. She was standing at a bus stop in East London yesterday morning waiting for the number twenty-six bus to take her to see her son who lived in Islington. As she waited, a large articulated lorry transporting a shipping container passed her heading for the motorway. Mrs Jones didn’t know it, but the container was packed with illegal immigrants.

Two minutes after the lorry passed, Mrs Jones suffered a major cardiac arrest. She collapsed and died at the bus stop.

What do these “celebrities” all have in common?

Amanda Holden and Woody Harrelson


Jason Gardiner

I suppose one answer is they’re all desperate for attention, but the way to seek it is not by spreading untrue gossip and lies on social media.

All four so-called ‘celebs’, and probably a number of others, have used social media to further spread the insane idea that the coronavirus is a product of the 5G networks presently under construction in various parts of the world.

Idiocy? Undoubtedly. Maliciousness? Probably. A serious lack of responsibility and an admission of their own lack of any real intelligence? Without any doubt whatever.

If anything reveals the mistake we make in endowing so-called celebrities with some sort of divine power (and we do it all the time!)  this must surely be it.

Covid-19 is a member of the group of viruses known as coronaviruses. Scientists have known about them for a long time. They cause influenza and even the common cold. Do we blame television signals, or the billions of radio waves that have been traversing the planet for a hundred or more years, whenever we sneeze and reach for a handkerchief?

Celebrities like those above, who indulge themselves on social media knowing thousands of young people (and some not so young) are hanging on their every word, need to develop a more mature sense of responsibility.  Sadly, many allow their small amount of fame to swell their egos to the point they believe they’re better and wiser than anyone else. They’re not, and those four individuals above are the living proof of it.

As a result of their irresponsible actions crazy people are now setting fire to communication towers, whether they transmit 5G signals, or not, and causing serious damage at a time when the emergency services are already stretched to breaking point.

Well done, celebrities! Another example to show us all that just because someone manages to get their face on a TV screen, or can sing a song the recording companies can make money from, does not necessarily mean they are endowed with intelligence.

As for poor Mrs Jones, it was eventually decided that  the heart attack which killed her directly resulted from the passing by at the time of a container of illegal immigrants.  Somehow, though no-one quite understands how, the concealed immigrants had caused her death. Plausible?

No less so than the crazy idea that 5G causes pandemics.

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  1. LOL! Well, it’s rare for me not to fully understand a post of yours, RJ, but I’m adrift on this one. I only know Woody Harrelson of the group of “celebrities”. I don’t know what 5G is (will be looking it up the minute I stop typing). Probably my refusal to go anywhere near Facebook and suchlike accounts for my ignorance on these matters.

    I did understand the comparison with poor Mrs Jones and the truck though – very clever RJ – such a good song too ! There are certainly lots of “things goin’ on” now – and they’re probably no less nefarious than the one in question here.


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