Yet More Reasons America’s Become Embarrassing To The Rest Of The World

Tonight, it was my intention to discuss the Boston bombings, but I’ve just sat through God-knows how many hours of Brian Williams and NBC News putting on free entertainment for the American masses; a show so packed with inaction and supposition it, no doubt, held the US public mesmerized, as nine thousand law enforcement officers descended on Watertown to apprehend one nineteen year old kid.

Nine thousand to arrest one? PC George Dixon of Dock Green would have managed it on his own. “Evenin’, all!”


(If you’re too young to know who the hell George Dixon was, then you’re definitely young enough to Google him, and maybe discover how policing was once carried out, before every law enforcement officer metamorphosed into Robocop).


While nothing can condone the murderous atrocities committed in Boston this week it seems likely the surviving (alleged) bomber was very much under the thumb of his older brother – his partner in the crime. In his haste to earlier escape the law, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ran over his brother with a car as he lay on the ground following a police shoot-out.

Quite why two Chenchens, resident in the US, should take it upon themselves to commit a terrorist act is yet to be reasoned. It’s one of the few areas in the world where US interference has been minimal. One possible explanation is the United States’ pact with Russia to fight Islamic terrorism, though it hardly seems cause for such an atrocity.

The use of nine thousand to apprehend one is highly reminiscent of that old adage about flies and sledgehammers. There is little doubt Tsarnaev would have been apprehended eventually, had the whole matter been left in the hands of the State police.

No, this was less law enforcement, and more politics. A clear sign to the world outside: “Don’t mess with America. We only get caught with our pants down once.” Which would be fine, if only they didn’t turn the whole sad process into a nighttime’s entertainment.

Equally sad, and perhaps even more indicative of the malaise affecting this nation, was the failure by Congress this week to commit themselves to any action on gun control. One man stood out from the rest – Wyoming’s Republican senator Michael Bradley Enzi.


Michael’s stance was a simple one (in more ways than one). It’s the parent’s fault. We don’t need any gun control legislation; we don’t need background checks. All it takes is for parents to teach their kids it’s wrong to kill people.

There is no doubt that we need to do more to curb the senseless acts of violence that continue to occur in this country. One of the things we need are parents, parents to be more careful and more repetitive at telling their kids that it is not right to kill people. It’s not even right to bully them. And it’s definitely not right for them to kill themselves. Until we can get that message across to our kids, I hope that we don’t rely on a few votes by this body to make everybody feel comfortable that all the problem is taken care of.”

Okay, Michael, if you’ll walk this way there’s a nice old people’s home with senility nursing capability just waiting to welcome you.

Thank you, Congress. You’ve just proved the kids of Sandy Hook Elementary School died in vain. Your rejection of sanity, in return for whatever favors the NRA offered you, also prove you don’t give a damn about dead children, their grieving parents, or the vast majority of your voters who are demanding stricter background checks on gun purchases. In fact, you don’t give a damn about anyone other than yourselves and, of course, your overly-fat bank balances.

The one question remaining is why the fuck your constituents voted you into office in the first place? The only answer I can come up with is that they are even more stupid, and self-obsessed, than you are.

5 Replies to “Yet More Reasons America’s Become Embarrassing To The Rest Of The World”

  1. Agree…the media coverage was overwhelming. Updates as things happened would have been enough. But now that the cheering people have gone home, the truly nauseating part begins. The lawyers will be picking apart the procedures by law enforcement, nit-picking the wording of the law and criticizing the government every step of the way. This will give the news outlets endless hours of material. Can’t wait.

  2. George Dixon – yay!!! And ol’ PC 49 too – he’d have had it sorted on his bike! Nah then nah then nah then……

    Maybe not – but I felt exactly as you did RJ.
    I’d not have been watching it at all in normal circumstance, especially in the early hours, but it was “an education” for me. 😉

    And so little mention of the explosion near Waco TX. But of course, that could, and should, throw blame on the corporate state for lack of regulation – can’t be havin’ any of that there ‘ere!

  3. Jane – enough free entertainment there to keep America amused for the next twelve months, at least?

    WWW – no, I hadn’t heard about Busch’s resignation. A candle? Certainly. Regrettably, we need a bloody great searchlight.

    Twilight – PC 49? You’re giving our age away! Yes, terrorism has far greater entertainment value for the masses than some accident due to corporate negligence – even though the dead numbered five times as many.

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