Yawn Of The Year – And It’s Only January!

Even though it’s still only January, surely the prize for, “Yawn of the Year”, must already be firmly in the hands of this man…

…Lance Armstrong.

It’s difficult for those of us unused to the media assailment that accompanies the fall of American celebrities, to comprehend the US public’s reaction to such matters. One could hope Armstrong’s prolonged, sleep-inducing, interview with the Winfrey would mark an end to this apparently eternal saga, but that’s most unlikely.

For God’s sake, the guy was caught cheating. Dish out the justice he deserves and send him, and his remaining testicle, on his way – either to jail, or somewhere he can’t do further damage. When it’s finally over, he’ll still be worth a fortune and can retire to Barbados, or the Maldives, to live in the lap of luxury.

Until that finally happens I’ll be fast-forwarding the DVR through any TV program that so much as mentions his name.

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