Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen?

Barack Obama has sunk the Copenhagen climate summit. His speech to delegates was eloquent, but empty. They expected him to lead the world into a new era, but all he really did was inform them what America was doing about climate change, and how everyone else could follow suit, or sink, or swim.

“America is going to continue on this course of action no matter what happens in Copenhagen……America has made our choice. We have charted our course, we have made our commitments, and we will do what we say.”

“You’re either with us, or you’re with the………” (fill in your own appropriate noun).

Just as George W Bush told the world where to get off over his war on terror, so to has Barack Obama behaved over the war on climate change. He hasn’t listened to the needs or concerns of other countries. The $100billion of assistance for developing nations, announced by Hilary Clinton, is so tied up in legalities and red tape as to be almost worthless.

There’s nothing wonderful about Copenhagen today. Not, at least, that part of it containing the political elite charged with saving the Earth.

Right now, everyone’s rushing about behind the scenes attempting to produce some sort of document to justify the huge expense and time of this ‘last chance’ summit.

Priorities have changed. No longer is it an opportunity to save the planet.

All that matters now is saving face.

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2 Replies to “Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen?”

  1. None of ’em really intended doing anything substantial – something that would at least save the islands and countries most at risk NOW.
    The only brightness I got from the scene was reading what our idiot senator James Inhofe got told by a German reporter:
    Another reporter — this one from Der Spiegel — told the senator: “You’re ridiculous.”

    No real measures will be taken until it’s forced on us, or on the next generation, by Mother Earth venting her fury.

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