Wolfowitz – And The Israeli Barrier

One of many unanswered questions concerning the Bush administration and its connections to the now almost infamous, Project for the New American Century, has been why Paul Wolfowitz – one of the PNAC’s greatest advocates – suddenly took himself off to head the World Bank.

At first glance, it seemed something of a backwater for this Straussian student who was once described in the Economist, not just as a hawk, but a velociraptor. Why would Wolfowitz bury himself away in such a job when he had no financial qualifications, but bachelor degrees in mathematics and chemistry, and a doctorate in political sciences?

The reason may now be more apparent.

First and foremost, Wolfowitz is a Jew, and a Zionist like his father. He spent time in Israel as a young man; his sister lives there permanently. It’s not surprising then that his sympathies lie more with Israel, than with Palestine.

What is somewhat surprising – shocking, even – is an article tucked away in the archives of a website called “Project Censored” – subheaded, “The News That Didn’t Make The News”.

Should we take note of this particular news source? Walter Kronkite thinks so. He says:

“Project censored is one of the organizations we should listen to, to be assured that our newspapers and our broadcasting outlets are practicing thorough and ethical journalism.”

The article in question describes how, since Wolfowitz joined the World Bank in June 2005, money earmarked for Palestinian assistance is being used to fund parts of the Israeli “barrier”, in particular the costs of erecting huge security gates in the wall to allow controlled access of Palestinians. This is in breach of an International Court of Justice ruling that the “barrier” is illegal.

A framework is already in place for a Palestinian Middle East Free Trade Area (MEFTA) which, according to a World Bank report:

“In an improved operating environment, Palestinian entrepreneurs and foreign investors will look for well-serviced industrial land and supporting infrastructure. They will also seek a regulatory regime with a minimum of ‘red tape’ and with clear procedures for conducting business. Industrial Estates (IEs), particularly those on the border between Palestinian and Israeli territory, can fulfill this need and thereby play an important role in supporting export based growth.”

Sounds good for the Palestinians, doesn’t it, until one realizes that these “Industrial Estates” are to be controlled by the Israelis:

“Built on Palestinian land around the Wall, these industrial zones are envisaged as forming the basis of export-orientated economic development. Palestinians imprisoned by the Wall and dispossessed of land can be put to work for low wages. The post-Wall MEFTA vision includes complete control over Palestinian movement. The report proposes high-tech military gates and checkpoints along the Wall, through which Palestinians and exports can be conveniently transported and controlled. A supplemental “transfer system” of walled roads and tunnels will allow Palestinian workers to be funneled to their jobs, while being simultaneously denied access to their land. Sweatshops will be one of very few possibilities of earning a living for Palestinians confined to disparate ghettos throughout the West Bank.” [Source: Jamal Juma – “Cementing Israeli Apartheid: The Role of World Bank”]

Former World Bank president James Wolfensohn rejected out of hand any suggestion that the World Bank become involved in the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. It seems one of the first things Paul Wolfowitz did on replacing him, was to reverse that decision.

The idea of a free trade area within the Middle East has been on US agendas for sometime. The whole thrust of the PNAC is about opening up the Middle East – and eventually other parts of the world – to American markets.

An invasion of US business.

First, of course, had to come the military invasion, to persuade those Middle Eastern governments with reservations about a “Middle East Free Trade Area”, that it was a good idea. Unfortunately, the military plans have stalled in Iraq. According to US Central Command documents from August 2002, just procured by the National Security Archive, it was anticipated that only 5,000 US troops would remain in Iraq by 2006 and Iraq would be “stable, pro-US and democratic” by that time. According to NSA officials, the plans were based on “delusional assumptions”.

Nevertheless, increased US administration rhetoric devised to pump-up the American psyche in readiness for an attack on Iran – to “liberate” it’s people from an oppressive regime – shows that the PNAC hope to resurrect their takeover of the Middle East before what may prove to be another disastrous election for the far right in 2008.

Whoever takes control of the White House in two years will have no effect on the plight of the Palestinians. Whether Democrat or Republican, the Jewish contingency in Congress will ensure the best interests of Israel will top the administration’s agenda.

It is difficult to see any hope for the future that is not tainted by continued war and aggression, as US political and corporate interests dig footholds into other nations, using bombs and tanks to blast their way. Is Israel’s contribution to this master plan to be a nuclear attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities? There can be little doubt the US and Israel are closely allied in this “Project for the New American Century”. Its success would be enormously advantageous to both.

But, oh…..at what a price!

Read the full analysis, “The World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine Wall” Here.

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4 Replies to “Wolfowitz – And The Israeli Barrier”

  1. I am suspect of anything the neocons are involved with these days. The last thing our country needs to to be involved in their agenda any more than we already are. I have other thoughts about this but hesitate to put them in writing.

    The price of meeting their agenda is way too much to pay. We need to redirect our thoughts and our energy.

  2. I have come to understand that there is a big difference between being a Jew and being and Israeli. I know a number of Jews who are horrified with the activities of Israel, just as there are Christians who are horrified with the activities of the KKK who claim to be doing this for Jesus. Unfortunately the KKKers and the Israelis have joined up to perform their madness on a world stage. Guess we could make that a formula – What do you get when you mate a KKKer with an Israeli? A neocon.

  3. PoP – “redirect our thoughts and our energy” is indeed the way to go. Unfortunately, the neocons will do everything in their power to prevent it.

    PM – “Jews” and “Israelis” may not necessarily be the same animal, I agree. Wherever extremist forms develop within sects, in the eyes of society the moderate and reasonable become tarred with the same extremist brush. Plenty of Jews abhor Israeli aggression just as many Christians hate the dogma of the extreme fundamentalists. They both need to shout a bit louder.

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