Winter: Proof Global Warming Is Rubbish?

“Baby, it’s cold outside,” crooned Dean Martin, in a desperate attempt to persuade his girlfriend to stay the night. Whether he succeeded is hardly clear from the song (though, it’s certainly implied).

It’s incredibly cold in Illinois right now. Temperatures have plummeted to below zero degrees Fahrenheit and snow is moving relentlessly in this direction.

Europe is faring as badly. The UK has had over twelve inches of snow, and disruption reigns throughout the continent. China and Japan are suffering the worst snowfalls in living memory.

All of which is a real joy to many people. Not because they have fun sledding, or building snowmen, or even indulging in the occasional snowball fight. Read the comments of newspapers, headlining the appalling weather, and the reason becomes clear.

They’re full of such sage remarks as: “What about global warming, then?” and, “Ho, ho, ho, so much for the climate change scientists and their crazy ideas.”

Judging from these missives, half the world’s population is content to accept a bit of cold weather as meaning the most knowledgeable and experienced of climate scientists have been talking through their titfers for the last twenty years. The blinkered stupidity displayed by so many of the human race never fails to amaze me. When they prefer something didn’t happen, they’ll seize on any bit of worthless information to prove it isn’t going to.

The initially imperceptible warming of the atmosphere, due to pollutants like carbon dioxide, does not mean we should all be basking under summer sunshine in the middle of winter. After all, a rise of six degrees in the temperature of the planet would almost certainly destroy most of life on Earth, but a local rise of six degrees on a hot summer’s day only means spending a little more time at the beach, for most vacationers at their favorite resort.

‘Global warming’ is an unfortunate phrase, leapt on by the great unwashed and ignorant as a convenient yardstick with which to batter climate change science into the ground. If it’s cold outside, how can there be global warming? If it’s hot out there, it’s just a summer’s day.

Climate change means exactly that: a slow and gradual change in the patterns of weather, to more violent and apparently freakish occurrences.

And, Baby, isn’t that exactly what’s happening across the Northern hemisphere right now?

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10 Replies to “Winter: Proof Global Warming Is Rubbish?”

  1. Like you, I can’t believe how the blinkered masses seize on this ‘freakish’ weather to justify pointing fingers at scientific FACTS.
    Meanwhile here in Newfoundland, we have a ‘freakish’ +5C when normally we would be under a blanket of said snow. Tides are ‘freakishly’ high also and doing some damage.

  2. Yes. Then, if next winter is mild by comparison, which can still happen without meaning that climate change is a hoax, they’ll point fingers yet again. The process is so gradual and slow that it does appear to play into the hands, and heads, of those who don’t want to believe it.

  3. Your last paragraph does exactly what you are slamming doubters for. You took this winter (a rare one) and attributed to climate change (not that natural kind, the man made kind). “And, Baby, isn’t that exactly what’s happening across the Northern hemisphere right now?” It’s absurd to say this winter has anything to do with man made climate change.

    Also, your definition of climate change is biased. Climate change means exactly that: a slow and gradual change in the patterns of weather, to more violent and apparently freakish occurrences. why the last part of the sentence. Maybe it’s just changing weather like how the north and south pole gradually move throughout the year causing one side of the cap to melt and another to freeze.

  4. Kalvin – your argument might hold water if it were not for the solid weight of scientific evidence supporting man-made climate change. If, as you say, it’s absurd to suggest this winter has anything to do with climate change, it’s equally absurd to suggest it hasn’t. Global warming cannot be regarded as anything other than a fact: the body of scientific evidence is overwhelming. Only a tiny proportion of scientists, mostly those with salaries paid by the energy companies, dispute man’s actions are responsible.
    My definition of climate change resulting from man-made global warming is based on that of the IPCC’s. This winter is just another of an ever-increasing number of freakish weather events to hit the planet in recent times.
    It’s easy to bury our heads in the sand and seek ‘natural’ alternatives to rebuff our own irresponsibility. No doubt many will still be doing that when the planet’s mean temperature has risen six plus degrees, and they find themselves with a one way ticket to oblivion.

  5. Postcript: After writing the above comment, I turned on MSNBC’s early morning show. At the bottom of the screen was the legend: “Why is it so cold?”
    Their ‘expert’, contracted to answer this question, was a representative from the ‘Old Farmer’s Almanack’.

  6. 2011 major floods hit SE Queensland with devastating damage and loss of lives. Climate scientists blame global warming. In 1974 Queensland was hit by the worst floods in living memory.Was global warming to blame?
    Global warming is a lot of rubbish.

  7. Tony Brimson – you are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but it’s quite wrong. Climate scientists are not blaming global warming (or climate change) for the Queensland floods. Neither was I. In fact, the event wasn’t even mentioned in my post. However, in 1974 that particular flood was a geographically isolated event. In 2011, it was part of a much larger, global flood that encompassed many regions over the year. Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, Guatemala, Germany, India, China, Czech Republic, and Poland all occurred within one month, August 2010.
    Keep your head buried in the sand if you wish, but it won’t be the best place to have it when the tide comes in.

  8. To: R J Adams.

    In light of your comment re: Queensland’s floods/global warming? That’s why Al Gore bought a house close to the Pacific ocean, He’s waiting for the tide to come in.

  9. Tony Brimson – I’m not really interested in anything Al Gore does. He’s a politician, not a scientist. Anyway, his house is way up in the hills, not near the ocean. If you choose to still bury your head in the sand over climate change then don’t be surprised when rising sea levels wash it away.

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