Winning Hearts And Minds In Iraq

The US military’s Camp Cropper in Iraq houses over 2,000 detainees, many juveniles no more than twelve or fourteen years old. There is no indoor plumbing. According to the Guardian newspaper, the US now has around 60,000 detainees in Iraq, compared to only 27,000 a year ago – though the Washington Post offers a lower figure of “more than 25,000” compared to 10,000 a year ago.


Camp Cropper – Baghdad. A wounded detainee sits in a wheelchair.

What is happening to detainees kept under US control without trial or release date is shocking to any decent human being. Frankly, I’m so sick of writing this stuff, while America sits comfortably in front of its TV screens and watches “the heroic acts of our beloved military” as churned out twenty-four hours a day by an overly-compliant media, that I’m just going to publish the links and leave you to make up your own minds about the US military’s, “House of Wisdom”.

Guardian photo gallery.

Washington Post.

Anyone who finds what is portrayed in these articles acceptable, needs to question their own concepts of basic humanity.

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3 Replies to “Winning Hearts And Minds In Iraq”

  1. Al – just as you think no worse news can come out of Iraq, another mind-numbingly frightful fillip emerges.

    Flimsy – What can one do? I wish I could answer that question for you, but I can’t. Historically, the only way out of these political dilemmas has been through revolution. When governments ignore the wishes of the people and create hardship and chaos as this one is doing, the only answer is revolution. But, revolution in America today? No way. Most Americans are too comfortable; the rest believe all will be put right after the next election. It won’t, of course.

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