Why I’m Leaving


This post began life as a response to a comment on the previous post from my good blogging friend, WiseWebWoman. It grew too long, so instead I decided to post it here.

I’ve lived in the US for thirteen years – came here exactly one year after 9/11 – and for a time believed I’d make it my home. But the longer I stay here the more I’ve come to realize I have to get out. This nation hasn’t yet learned to handle its immense power with any degree of dignity and maturity. Frankly, I doubt it ever will.

The opportunity was there in the aftermath of the atrocities of September 11th, 2001. The world stood solidly behind this country in its grief and suffering. America could have won the admiration of every nation on earth at that moment had it responded with any degree of wisdom and maturity. Instead it tossed them to the dogs (remember, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists!”) by its actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. It never recovered respect after those monumental blunders, and I don’t believe it will ever have that opportunity again.

While the western states burn, water disappears, and Americans suffer and die due to weather extremes never before experienced in such severity and abundance, the frenetic drilling and mining for MORE oil and MORE coal continues unabated.

The crazy national obsession with firearms grows ever stronger, appearing to those beyond US borders as akin to the behavior of a mentally retarded child. Even in the aftermath of a series of appalling gun crimes, recent polls indicate that nearly 60% of Americans are against any form of gun control. Media brainwashing over ‘terrorists’ and ‘terrorism’ ratchets up daily, provoking further insane gun attacks on innocent civilians in cinemas, schools, shopping malls, or wherever there are suitable numbers of people to slaughter.

As for this nation’s politicians, I consider every Republican candidate standing for President could serve his country best if locked away for life in a secure mental institution, rather than allowed within a hundred miles of the White House. The present political ascendancy of Donald Trump must surely prove that the louder the drivel from the political mouth, the more fervent the applause of the sad, demented, folks taken in by it.

I believe there are only two politicians in this country worthy to be President of the United States, and one isn’t even running – Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Even if Warren were running, they’d stand about as much chance of winning as Donald Trump has of ever getting into Heaven. And that says a lot about America and its voting public.

So, I’ve decided to move to pastures new. I’m sure there are many who are happy to say, “Good riddance!” When Americans I meet ask why I’m leaving America to live in France, they look at me like I’ve decided to give up Heaven, in favor of Hell. They don’t realize they’re the ones in Hell, but like Plato’s prisoners in the cave, their view of the ‘outside’ is distorted by a lifetime of false impressions fed by a politco/corporate controlled media that has been selective in its version of the truth for decades.

None of this in any way decries the many fine, caring, people I’ve come to know in this country; they who are fully aware of the way this nation is failing itself and the world, good people with intellect and vision, though sadly, in the minority.

I may be leaving America, but Sparrow Chat will continue. Perhaps from back in Europe, my perspective on America will change somewhat.

I doubt it will be for the better.

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  1. So…you’re really going then – gettin’ out while the getttin’s good ! My good – very good – wishes go with you and Mrs RJ for your new life in France. I’ll be looking forward to your pithy reports from the European front – just please don’t make my mouth water, to dribbling stage, with tales of that legendary French food!

    I’m here for the duration – while understanding your every reason for going, I’ll make up (under my breath) a few for staying, just to calm my nervous system. 🙂

    Your last remark, about a possible change of perspective on the US for you, as seen from Europe, reminds me of what some British ex-pats in Tenerife used to tell us about leaving the Canary islands, re-settling in the UK. Several of them all said the same thing – when they were in Tenerife they wanted to be in Britain, and once back in Britain they wanted to be back in Tenerife. LOL! Human nature! I doubt you’ll have those feelings – stranger things have happened (but not much).

    Dog speed RJ – until we read again.

  2. Well, of course from your writings over the long period of time I’ve read you, I knew your disgust was beginning to choke you and I’m so very glad you had the resources to move away and take a breather from what has become of the U.S.

    I do hope you continue to write of your experiences as an ex-ex-pat.

    May the wind be always at your back as you carve out a new life for yourself and the missus.


  3. Best of luck with the move! I hope that the new life in Brittany goes really well, and look forward to hearing of your new life on the other side of the Atlantic.

  4. Twilight – many thanks for your good wishes. I think you have more reasons to stay than I have. I had just one – Mrs Adams, and she’s coming with me. In fact, it was her idea, though there’re times when I think she half regrets it. It’s difficult leaving one’s home country on a one-way ticket. I remember how I felt watching Manchester disappear beneath the clouds and knowing if I ever returned it would only be for a visit.
    No, I doubt I’ll be sharing the feelings of those folks on Tenerife. I’ll not be pining for the UK either. Frankly, I couldn’t stick Tenerife for very long either. I prefer more temperate climes.

    WWW – thanks to you, too, for your good wishes. I’ll certainly continue writing. Quite what I pen will remain to be seen. Perhaps news of Europe? God knows, Americans certainly have need of it. They get little enough from their own media. Though, maybe they’d not be interested.

    Jo – if this is the “Jo” from New Zealand – my goodness, gal, I thought we’d lost you! That you’d been swept off to one of those Maori Rangis by some dusky, muscular, god. It must be a year or more since you last blogged. How’s the cat?
    If it’s not the “Jo” from New Zealand – sorry, but many thanks for your good wishes, anyway.

    Thanks to all readers of Sparrow Chat for putting up with my rants over the years. I feel I should say, “I’ll miss you all,” but of course I won’t. We’ll still be writing and we’ll all still be reading, and before long you’ll probably forget I’m no longer in America.
    Rest assured, there’s one person who won’t!

  5. Masa – good to hear from you. I’m sorry your comment ended up in my spam folder. I can’t think why. Akismet must have been having a bad day. I hope I’ll have lots to write about in France, and that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy your beautiful photographs.

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