Why CNN Can’t Be Trusted

The last week has seen me laid low with a stomach bug. Happily, I’m on the mend, but the accompanying lethargy resulted in an unusual pastime for me – TV watching, and in particular, CNN.

I was keen to see if TV news has changed at all since I gave up viewing a few months ago. Not that I expected it had. I was right.

Take this morning, for example. At first glance all seemed well. CNN was running a lengthy slot on healthcare reform. It appeared very fair and balanced – ooops, sorry, wrong channel.

Sorting truth from myth was high on the agenda, and various websites were publicized where viewers could ascertain the facts about this much debated drama. For example, whether its true that forced euthanasia for the over-sixties was on the cards, or not.

I was just becoming lulled into a false sense of security with CNN, when they paused for an advertising break. The very first to appear was – this:

This cute little clip is put out by a group calling themselves the “Sixty Plus Association”“a non-partisan seniors advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, less taxes approach to seniors issues”

The real truth is this “association” is backed and funded by the health industry and right-wing Republican lobby groups.[1]

In one minute, it cleverly negated the whole program segment.

CNN – the most trusted name in news?

[1] “Rachel Maddow Exposes More Health Reform Fear Merchants” The Osterley Times, August 11th 2009

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4 Replies to “Why CNN Can’t Be Trusted”

  1. I’m trying hard to avoid commentary on TV about the health care issue. I think it’s harder for we transplanted Brits to stomach the nonsense being spouted. It’s even harder to stomach the irrational protesters and their wrong-headed Obama hatred.

    It’s coming time for me to retreat into hermit mode. 🙁

  2. General public is so confused, they think Obama is a “Socialist”…. COMICAL! They have no idea what socialism is???

    He is not even pro universal health care… how dumb and confused can one get….

    Thanks to the cooperate media, they are doing a great job in misinforming and confusing the public. !

  3. I don’t have TV, RJA, but I’m honestly sick and tired of all the lies, hate, guns, venom and ignorance being spouted ad finitum on this crucial life saving issue.
    The average IQ of the US citizen must be far less than I originally supposed.

  4. Barely watch anymore either, catch the daily “highlights” but the commentary is mostly useless at best.

    Best TV moment of the last month: Willie Geist announcing “you’re watching Morning Jew”. Almost peed myself laughing so hard.

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