Who’s To Blame Then?

Two weeks ago a deadly cyclone hit Southern Burma, devastating the region. Around the same time, in the worst tornado season for umpteen years, whole towns in the mid-western United States were destroyed with little or no warning. This week, a horrendous earthquake has flattened much of central China and killed upward of 15,000 people. Now we learn of yet another cyclone spinning to a potential frenzy somewhere off the Burmese coast.

Today, George W Bush began his visit to the Middle East. Is there any connection?

Probably not, though it may seem to those with a fertile imagination that God, or the planet, or both, are a bit upset right now with the dominant species on earth. After all, presidential nominee McCain’s ally, Pastor John Hagee, said of Hurricane Katrina that it was God’s punishment for an immoral and corrupt New Orleans.

The city had a “……level of sin that was offensive to God.”

Is this indicative of wickedness throughout China and Burma? Surely, not in those mid-western US towns hammered by record tornadoes recently? After all, they’re plum in the middle of the American Bible Belt, and isn’t it pure coincidence Tornado Alley just happens to run through the same area?

Of course, we all realize John Hagee is just a loud-mouthed religious egomaniac with a control fetish, but what of George W Bush’s attempts to bring peace to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Could this, in some way, be offending the Divinity?

It’s possible. If only because God realizes George W Bush is a liar.

His much publicized trip to the Middle East was purported to move the peace process forward, yet Bush is not intending to even set foot on Palestinian land.[1] He went directly to Israel where he will take part in celebrations to commemorate sixty years of Israeli statehood. During speeches, Israeli prime minister Olmert and the American president fawned over each other’s camaraderie and alliances. Bush said:

“We consider the Holy Land a very special place and the Israeli people our close friends.
I look forward to discussing how I believe our two nations can continue to advance our ideals and approach our next 60 years of partnership with confidence and with hope.”

No mention of any friendship or partnership with the Palestinians. In fact, as Bush was speaking, four Palestinians were dying at the hands of Israeli troops, once again footloose and trigger-happy in the Gaza Strip.

It’s obvious Bush’s so-called attempts at a “peace process” are no more than a shallow move to bolster his historical legacy, already doomed by eight years of failed policies.

Bush is in Israel to show US support for the Jewish state, on behalf of his Jewish friends and colleagues in Washington. His actions raise a finger in derision at Palestinians who watch forlornly, like concentration camp victims hopelessly clinging to the wire, while their captors celebrate outside.

If I were God, it would make me angry. That this man had used my name to create death, suffering, and black-hearted mayhem throughout the planet I had created, would make me furious. I’d have no trouble whipping up a few tornadoes, cyclones, and earthquakes to illustrate my feelings.

The only difference would be, if I were God I’d make sure I took better aim.

Of course, all these meteorological disturbances may have nothing at all to do with Divine wrath. While the weather men still deny global warming, preferring instead to blame that much abused Latino couple, El Nino and La Nina, the steady rise in US tornado activity over the last five years, coupled with more frequent tectonic activity, is surely indicative of what we may expect as global temperatures increase.

On the other hand, it may simply be that God is just another frustrated Hillary Clinton supporter.

[1] ” Bush begins tour of Middle East”, BBC, May 14th 2008

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2 Replies to “Who’s To Blame Then?”

  1. ROFLMAO!!! You hit the nail right on the head with your last sentence, RJ!

    Seriously, yes, I think this may be the thin edge of the climate change wedge. I haven’t researched how recent years shape up against previous years’ tornado or earthquake activity though.
    I suppose it’ll take another decade’s worth of stats before we can be absolutely sure of the root cause.

    Even if politicians worldwide started NOW to address the problem, using stringent measures, I doubt the situation could be turned around in our lifetimes. At least though it might stop matters from getting much worse.

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