Who Will Trump Come For Next?

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is 36 years old. She isn’t an American citizen, but she lived in the U.S. for more than twenty years, since the age of fourteen. Her children were born there and have lived there all their lives. Guadalupe was an illegal immigrant with no papers. In 2009 she needed a job, so she obtained forged social security documents. Presumably, they weren’t very good as she was arrested and pleaded guilty in court. She was given a deportation order in 2013.

According to the BBC:

She was allowed to remain under President Barack Obama’s policy of leniency towards undocumented migrants who had entered the US as children. Garcia de Rayos’s children were born in the US and they remain there with her husband.
Garcia de Rayos was detained a few days after President Trump signed an executive order broadening the regulations covering deportation.
It stipulates that any undocumented immigrants convicted of a criminal offence get priority for deportation.
An estimated 11 million immigrants were living in the US illegally as of 2014. [1]

A stipulation of her freedom to stay in the United States was that she report once a year to the immigration department for routine checks. Last Wednesday she went for her routine check. She never returned to her family, but was taken into custody and driven by van back over the border into Mexico.

The only wrong this woman did was to try and get a job to help support her teenage children. Now they have no mother.

This is the action of Donald Trump and his so-called ‘administration’. This is a part of their, ‘Make America Great Again’ policy. This incident, and the recent ‘travel ban’ that separated families from each other is clear evidence, if any were needed, that Trump and Co have no sense of decency or humanity. They’re cold, heartless, scheming individuals who are determined to make America great again, but only for themselves and their own purposes.

This is the man, and his collection of clowns, that Britain’s Theresa May is determined to ally her country with for the foreseeable future. She needs to be careful. Mussolini allied Italy with a strong, militaristic, nation in 1937. He lived to regret it.

[1] “Mexico warns citizens in US after woman deported” BBC, February 10th 2017

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  1. It’s a sad case, probably not even the most sad case that will be coming to light in future. In this lady’s circumstances, although Prez Obama’s leniency has protected her, she is still in the eyes of the law (and of many people) a felon, due to identity theft – she stole a Social Security number of a 55 year old man, in order to get a job. Had it not been for that she’d probably have managed to remain reasonably safe, though finding work would have been more difficult (but not impossible – thousands of others seem to manage it).

    Even you or I, or a person actually born in the USA would be labelled a felon for doing what she did, maybe even be sent to jail. Had you or I had such a felony on our records before emigration from the UK, we might well have been turned down. So….though I feel sympathy for this lady, there is another side to it, other than simply being angry at Prez Trump.

  2. Desperate people use desperate measures. Unequal distribution of wealth I’ve seen up close and personal in impoverished countries working for pennies making designer clothes for their ‘betters” in America.

    45 gives a new definition to heartless. He’s always lived in a privileged bubble. And sees just monoliths of evil refugees etc with no human face or pain.

    1984 is flying off the bookshelves along with The Handmaid’s Tale.

    We are here.


  3. Twilight – this woman committed her crime in 2009, pleaded guilty in court, and then lived in fear of deportation for the next seven years. She could have moved, gone into hiding, but she didn’t. She did everything that was expected of her, faithfully keeping her appointments with ICE each year. Obama signed an executive order giving her the right to stay – giving her hope. Trump dashed those hopes, but still she stayed within the law by keeping her appointment on February 8th. Sadly, with its usual brutal disregard for any form of humanity, ICE locked her up, never allowed her to return home or see her husband and children, then carted her back to Mexico in the back of a van.
    I agree that anyone who is caught with false papers (though it could hardly happen to a U.S. citizen) deserves punishment, but it’s hardly the crime of the century given that it was her only hope of getting a job that paid more than buttons (menial unskilled labour is all that’s available for undocumented workers, or working for a rat like Andrew Puzder). After 22 years living in the States to just bundle her into a van and drive her away is the act of a barbaric regime.
    And she’s not the only one. Almost every day here we read reports of people arrested under the most horrific circumstances:

    “Undocumented Texas woman arrested while seeking domestic violence help” Guardian, February, 16th 2017

    “US immigrant stripped of ‘dreamer’ status in part over alleged gang tattoo” Guardian, February 16th 2017

    Sorry, but I must respectfully disagree with you on this one.

    WWW“Desperate people use desperate measures.” yes, and I think that’s often forgotten in this debate. These people flee poverty in search of a better life. America, to them, must seem like the land flowing with milk and honey. After all, it portrays itself that way, not only to its own citizens but to the rest of the world. Of course, it isn’t, but anything’s better than what they’ve left behind. If Trump does any good at all it’ll be by displaying to the rest of the world what America is really like. His supporters are doing a good job of that already.
    Unfortunately, some of the world’s politicians seem hellbent on following his lead.

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