Who Makes The Justice?

A nation state can assassinate a human being with impunity, and on a whim, yet when a man chooses to end the unbearable suffering of one he loves, he is arrested for murder.

The brutal killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas leader, in Dubai last month was undoubtedly carried out by Mossad, the Israeli ‘secret service’. No recriminations will result. Britain, and a few other nations whose passports were forged by the Israelis, will mumble and moan and demand inquiries that get nowhere, but Israel will shrug its shoulders, commend its agents for a job well done, while raising an index finger to the rest of the world.[1]

I remember Ray Gosling as a young, regional TV reporter for our local British news service. I was only a lad at the time and he was beginning a career that never made him an international star, or even a great national personality, but he did present hundreds of documentaries on UK television and radio, many championing the causes of common people.

Ray was homosexual and much of his life was spent campaigning for gay rights. When his partner was diagnosed with AIDs, he made Ray swear a pact that he would not allow him to suffer. Later, in the hospital and in terrible pain, and when the doctors could do no more for him, Ray took a pillow and smothered his partner. It was his last act of love for the person who, in his own words, ‘he loved to bits’.

Ray Gosling is now seventy years old. Following his admission on the BBC’s Inside Out program on Monday, of his act of euthanasia, he was today arrested and charged with murder.[2]

We are, at best, a strange species.

[1] “Israel says no proof it carried out Hamas Dubai killing” BBC, February 17th 2010

[2] “Murder arrest over Ray Gosling’s BBC confession” BBC, February 17th 2010

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4 Replies to “Who Makes The Justice?”

  1. Agreed – it makes no sense.

    But it also makes no sense why, at this stage, Gosling admitted what he’d done, and on TV at that. (Presumably it all occurred quite some time ago?) There must not have been any inquiry at the time of the guy’s death.
    Very odd. I doubt that his promise to his friend included anything about confessing what he’d done.

  2. How courageous of Gosling. To my mind he is taking what he did a step further in order to make euthanasia the right of every citizen.
    And then Bush the Dimmer and his Bliar go unprosecuted for the hundreds of thousands they have slaughtered.
    No sense at all, my friend.

  3. We lag behind other more enlightened European countries (Sweden being one I know particularly well, through a friend).
    Of course religion – especially the RC Church – is responsible for powerful opposition to voluntary euthanasia (as well as many more humane and civilised behaviour). All these spurious arguments about ‘the sanctity of Life’ and the scare mongering about the danger of relatives rushing to bump off their elderly family members is just a smokescreen to perpetuate the dogma of an ancient and less and less useful superstition.
    I actually heard on ‘religious’ man on tv (he was an official of some Christian organisation) talking about suffering as being a kind of learning process. And a bishop – on the same programme saying “God does not just want us to be happy – he wants us to be fulfilled.”
    Presumably suffering is an excellent path towards fulfilment.
    When will these people stop talking about what God “wants” for us (how do they know, anyway? Oh yes, I forgot – the Bible.) and accept that we are evolving human beings, responsible for our own destiny, and that WE can make decisions on what is best for us at any particular time.

    Oh – just had a thought: Israel is a secular country – perhaps they just believe in INvoluntary euthanasia.

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