Who Is Truly Responsible?

There are occasions when the sheer arrogance of America leaves one breathless. On Friday, a US District court ruled that Iran was responsible for the Hezbollah attack on an American Marines’ barracks in Beirut in 1983. The attack was horrific and left two hundred and forty-one marines dead. Iran was considered responsible because it allegedly supplied the equipment that Hezbollah used in the attack.

It’s all a little crazy when one considers the amount of arms and military equipment sold around the world by the US government and its dealers. Once again, the argument that whatever America does is legal and above board, but its enemies are guilty of terrorism for carrying out similar practices, seems to be the criteria of the US judicial system.

There is little doubt Iran supplied the materials. Neither is their doubt America supplied the Israeli arsenal that slaughtered hundreds of innocents in the Lebanese/Israeli war of 2006. Perhaps someone might care to argue there is a difference?

It is this hypocrisy that causes other countries throughout the world to regard the United States as a bigot and bully. “Do as we say, not as we do,” is the catchphrase regarding America that resounds around Planet Earth in the early 21st century.

Listen to Western politicians prostrating themselves and kissing the bared ass of Ms Liberty USA 2007, and one might be excused for assuming Europe and Australasia were firmly behind the US leadership. Perhaps their politicians are, but the people most definitely are not. Unfortunately for the politicos, the people are not fools to be ignored as ignorant peasants. Most are fully aware of the hypocrisy springing forth from the forked tongues of Brown, Howard, Sarkozy, and their like. Licking the boots of American presidents has become a European and Australasian pastime of Western politicians that the people of those nations will only tolerate for so long.

America was wrong on Iraq. It has been wrong in its approach to the conveniently named “war on terror”. The US has led the world into a morass of violence and antipathy towards innocent Muslims, innocent Iraqis, innocent Afghans, and even innocent Westerners, that is slowly turning this planet on its head.

George W Bush is a madman. The public know it. Many of the US populace know it. Those outside the US are well aware of it. The way their politicians are ignoring the fact, to the detriment of their peoples’ security and safety, is also well noted.

Listen to Osama bin Laden’s latest tape and it becomes evident the man is no more a terrorist than the American president, though equally as arrogant and mentally disturbed.

It is time the American people realized they are not the only inhabitants of Planet Earth. Neither are they the more important. To debate from a position of strength is fine; to bully from a position of strength, is simply bullying.

To dare to suggest Iran is responsible for paying $2.65 billion to American families of the 1983 Beirut bombing, because it dared to do what America does better than any other nation on earth, namely sell or supply arms to further its political interests, is the epitome of an arrogance many US citizens have not yet even begun to self-evaluate.

BBC report HERE.

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6 Replies to “Who Is Truly Responsible?”

  1. Oh, don’t you like to get off on your bashing of my once-great American, you bloody Limey. Your once-Great Britain and its recent Poodle-Minister was Bush’s great enabler! True to form, Bliar has retired but was promoted to IGO status so he can still stride the world without subjecting himself to arrest as the war-criminal he is. Go ahead, Adams, Bush-whack the USA for our idiot-king. But don’t leave off when it comes to assigning blame to the U.K. for keeping our emperor clothed.

    (And you can file this under MORE ENGLISH HYPOCRISY!)

  2. Vigilante – oh, spare me the false patriotism! Since when was Blair or Brown, or Britain, responsible for anything the US did? Sure, I can write about British hypocrisy till it comes out my ears. In this very article, I wrote of “…..the hypocrisy springing forth from the forked tongues of Brown, Howard, Sarkozy, and their like…..” If you read this blog regularly you’d realize that I often make reference to such. But I don’t happen to live in Britain anymore. I live in America, which consequently is where my focus happens to be. If I lived in South Africa I’d be having a go at their regime. To answer your question, no, I don’t get much pleasure from “bashing America”, I’d much rather praise it for the great country it once was. Sadly, it isn’t anymore. That may be the fault of its politicians, but let’s face it – who put them there – twice? Finally, it’s not my “once-Great Britain”. I lived there due to an accident of birth. The same reason, I would guess, that you live in America. That’s all it is for the vast majority of us – an accident of birth. Being an American citizen doesn’t bestow any right to demand more from life than any other inhabitant of this planet. That is a fact very many of your countrymen have yet to assimilate. I stand by what I wrote, but will refrain from returning the compliment by addressing you as a “bloody Yank”.

    Flimsy – your example would be attacked by some as inaccurate, crying, “But we were at war with Japan!” I would agree with you. I’m quite sure Hezbollah considered itself at war when it attacked the US barracks in Beirut in 1983. Yes, Bush is spoiling for a fight with Iran but it was an American District judge who made this particular decision, making a hypocrite both of himself and those Americans who originally brought the lawsuit.

  3. ‘Perhaps someone might care to argue there is a difference?’

    Er… would it be nitpicking to point out that the Marines were soldiers on a military mission in a foreign country, while the Lebanese were civilians busy trying to live normal lives in their own homes?

    Yes well… i thought it might be.

  4. Vigilante – your rescindment is gratefully accepted, though I understand the reason for your reaction to my article. On re-reading it, I noted a generalization I’m usually at pains to avoid. When I wrote of the “arrogance of America” and “…time the American people realized they are not the only inhabitants of Planet Earth….” it was not my intention to imply all Americans are guilty. It’s easy to forget, however, that back in 2003 over 80% were in favor of the Iraq war.

    Anan – it is the establishment of permanent US military bases in Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia, that is at the center of most Middle Eastern terrorist activities. Admittedly, the US marines were in Lebanon in 1983 as part of a peacekeeping force and were not considered permanent, but at the time Iran and Iraq were at war and the US had just extended a $2 billion trade credit to Saddam Hussein while halting arms shipments to Iran. If Iran were involved, and it’s by no means proved, they may well have had a legitimate reason to view the US as the enemy. Iran and Syria have always denied involvement, as has Hezbollah. Interestingly, the French military barracks was attacked at the same time the US marines were bombed. The French supplied Mirage jet fighters and Exocet missiles to Saddam during the war, though whether this was happening as early as 1983 is unclear.

    No, I don’t consider it at all ‘nit-picking’.

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