Where Is The Outrage?

The incredible degree of suffering inflicted by America on the Iraqi people over the last four years, would never be viewed in the United States these days as a justifiable reason to end the war. This is not to suggest all Americans are hard-bitten, non-caring, individuals. A few feel great empathy with these victims of their nation’s preemptive military invasion, and for them it is an important issue. But the vast majority deem the suffering of foreigners unimportant, necessary even for the continuation of their junk-food guzzling, obesity-inducing, apathetic, lifestyles (“We will fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here” ~ George W Bush) though they will predictably wail and scream like spoilt brats whenever any of their beloved fellow citizens are harmed, especially the “heroic US military” subjected to unwarranted attacks from those whose country they are raping and pillaging.

To suggest this is an issue specific to America would be wrong. Human beings everywhere are quick to become immune to suffering elsewhere in the world, though few outside America would respond with such obvious emotional anguish and instability at the loss of a fellow national.

The US media are amazingly adept at manipulating any news story to extract the greatest public emotion and stir the patriotic fervor. By so doing, they dull the minds of Americans to the real issues, allowing federal and state authorities, and their corporate controllers, to take full advantage.

Two examples have been in the news this week. The first, and by far the most important, concerns the death of at least eight people, and probably more, when the Minneapolis bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed recently. NBC News, one of many media channels covering the tragedy, was quick to highlight the great courage of rescuers, the amazing community spirit of the locals, a whole host of new “heroes” (there have to be new “American heroes” after any incident involving death) and concluded it was a just a “tragic accident”, despite an announcement by the Federal Highway Administration that more than 70,000 – yes, you counted the zeros correctly – 70,000 bridges in the US were classified as “structurally deficient”.

That’s a dreadful statistic, but it’s not the worst by far. Yet another 70,000 have been stamped “structurally obsolete”, an even more serious grading.

So who is to blame for all the structurally deficient and obsolete structures still used every day by millions of Americans? No-one at all, according to NBC News. The American people, still wailing and mourning, glorifying the emergency services, and “feeling so bad” for the poor bereaved families, are quite happy to accept that.

Is the programming finally complete? Have the corporate controllers at last achieved their objective of metamorphosing the US populace into one enormous flock of sheep? It would seem to be case.

Remember the Vietnam war? In those days the American people had backbone. True grit wasn’t just an old John Wayne movie. People rebelled; they protested in vast numbers. College campuses were set alight by those who actually possessed a national conscience.

It may be hard for the rest of the world, used to that “certain breed” of American tourist, but it seems likely the great experiment has finally reached fruition. Total mind control of a complete nation has been achieved. US citizens have finally reached their indoctrinal peak. It’s hardly surprising. The corporate controlled media have been preaching this subliminal message for some time: “It’s unpatriotic to make a fuss”.

Where is all the outrage?

The cost to repair all the substandard bridge structures in the US nation is estimated at around $120bn. Put another way, stop the Iraq war tomorrow and the bill would be met within about nine months.

Where is the outrage?

Another, less lethal example of American apathy, concerns the corporate hotel chains that, like McDonald’s poison parlors, inhabit every town and city in America. Super8, Best Western, Days Inn, and a host of others so similar its easy to believe they all exist under one corporate banner, have been in the news recently, praised to the hilt by the media for their outstanding “environmental responsibility”.

What this “environmental responsibility” relates to is a serious cut in service to the customer, with no reimbursement. It involves not providing fresh towels and bed linen each day, and not at all if they can get away with it.

It is, of course, highly commendable to cut down on the millions of tons of chemicals pouring into the environment each year as a result of hotel laundering services; services that charge the hotel chain pots of money for laundering its linen and towels. Less laundering means less cost to the hotel and greater profits for the shareholders. The customer pays the same price whether he has his sheets and towels changed each day, or keeps the same ones for a week. No-one has ever suggested the customer should pay a lower price for less service. Not only is the hotel’s laundry bill drastically reduced, but so are the labor costs for cleaning rooms and making up fresh beds. An all round winner for the hotel chains. A definite loser for its American customers.

Where is the outrage?

These are just two examples out of a multitude; a plethora of fleecings the American populace no longer even notices. Of course, above them all the Iraq war rises like a perpetual monument, a pinnacle; the greatest fleecing of all time. The Iraq war is corporate America’s piece de resistance – so far.

Corporate controllers own the cattle markets where the great American flock is now regularly sheared of its wool. The news media have become the shepherds who control and manipulate the great American flock. The American people have sat back, guzzled their corporate-supplied junk food and sugar solutions, swallowed their corporate-provided (for a price) obesity pills, mainlined their nightly doses of violence and horror designed to dull their senses and further induce apathy, and have been successfully metamorphosed into the biggest flock of sheep on the planet.

Where is the outrage?


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4 Replies to “Where Is The Outrage?”

  1. Funny how our thoughts are often the same.

    I was just wondering, myself, what had happened to the ‘ugly American’ of my youth; the armed-to-the-teeth, rugged and loud individualist who was so protective of their constitutional rights. So concerned about human rights throughout the rest of the world. So full of technological hubris, the famed ‘Yankee know-how’.

    I remember being inspired by the anti-war protesters and their subsequent community work to try and set up a social network of services for American citizens. THAT was the type of American we saw on the news everyday.

    I should have taken a picture.
    They just don’t exist anymore.

  2. I was rising up in outrage and when I went out there, I was lonely. I don’t know what it will take to get people up and ready to fight. I don’t know what to think of it. I’m perplexed.

  3. Interesting.Your sneering derisive dismissal of David Icke’s research in reply to a previous posting,without,it seems,having actually read any of his full works,does you no justice.Would you be happy if people judged the total works of RJ Adams solely from snippets and necessarily short precis’ on your website,without reading the whole work? Prejudice is the word that springs to mind,most probably engendered,if my guess of your age is correct,by the mocking British media,institutions known to delight in building ’em up to knock ’em down again. I sincerely hope that is not the case-please let me know any book of his you have actually read from beginning to end,then we can debate it’s contents.But the reasons why your(excellent)posting is interesting is because you and Icke share similar views on these types of events. Firstly,in the way the ‘media’actually report these and other events.Icke’s contention is that there are oh so few REAL investigative journalists left,a la Woodward/Bernstein. ‘Repeaters’ is his term for what passes for journalism these days (UK or worldwide). They repeat what they have been told by those who have a vested interest in blatantly manipulating public opinion,then report it as ‘news’.Hence the loss of the true war correspondent reporting sometimes unpalatable truths,and the emergence of the ’embedded’ repeater,controlled and censored by the controllers. Many of your truly excellent postings on Iraq etc.do not repeat,but question and incise to the heart of the matters you cover. YOU are not a repeater.
    Secondly,the real crux of your article.Where’s the outrage? Indeed. How mellifluous your use of the sheep analogy (baa baa)when Icke himself describes the majority of ‘us'(as opposed to the controllers)as ‘sheeple’!! Willing to blindly follow wherever we are led.Unquestioning.As one of the best bands on the planet earth says,’comfortably numb’. Yes indeed. Wake up,sheeple. Where’s the outrage??

  4. Sister Anan – that old adage about “great minds”?

    PM – I admire you greatly for your courage and tenacity. It must be heartrending to have so little support. When the going gets tough, just remember America would be infinitely worse off if you and your band of peace workers gave up.

    JPGR – for my full assessment of Mister Icke, I must refer you to my next post. It is, I’m afraid, as far as I am prepared to go in the discussion as, frankly, in my personal opinion he merits no more. However, I will be happy to peruse any comment you have on my article, and happy also to give you the last word on the matter.

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