Where Have All The Comics Gone – Long Time Passing?

It used to be Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, until the penis jokes and lurid references to bowel movements drove us away.

Jon Stewart

Does he think his audience is comprised of twelve year olds?

We tried Stephen Colbert, but all we got was a headache.


In desperation, HBO was purchased. Bill Maher used to be good for a laugh. He isn’t any more. His guests are mediocre; his jokes are frequently in poor taste; he’s now become a member of the elite he loves to criticize.


Bill Maher, Cara Santa Maria, Kirk Douglas, Anne Buydens at 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter, (Carter was voted 5th on AskMen’s “Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010” list).

There is, however, one great comedian left in this country. Mind, he’s only here because he emigrated from Britain. It’s a brand new show on HBO. Sadly, only half an hour, for now.

He cut his teeth with Jon Stewart. He made a better job of hosting the ‘Daily Show’ last summer, while Stewart was away, than the regular host ever had.

His name is John Oliver.[1]

John Oliver

He’s on HBO Sunday night. The show is “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”. The first one was great. If he stays away from penis jokes, bowel movements – and isn’t so loud he gives us a headache, I think we’ll be happy with him.

[1] “John Oliver on ‘Last Week Tonight,’ Turning Down CBS, and ‘Nauseating’ American Politics” Daily Beast, May 1st 2014

2 Replies to “Where Have All The Comics Gone – Long Time Passing?”

  1. The bits I’ve seen on him are excellent. Funny guy.

    Being teeveeless by choice (and never a regret in over 20 years, LOL)I can only consider what I’ve observed. Everyone panders in the end.

    Or doesn’t know when to quit.


  2. He has possibilities, for sure. We saw his first show, missed the second one. He’ll be hampered a lot by the 30 minute slot they’ve given him, I hope he achieves enough to be offered a full hour at some point.

    As Craig Ferguson is leaving the Late Late Show at the end of this year, and Piers Morgan has gone already, they must feel safe enough to allow another potentially dissenting Brit voice in now (not that Ferguson or Morgan were ever what I’d call dissenting proper! )

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