When Will We Stop Accepting This Shit?


If there’s one thing that should reduce everyone of us to impotent fury, it’s the platitudes and hypocritical pronouncements of politicians and world leaders responding to a catastrophe.

The BBC recently announced that British prime minister, David Cameron, just tweeted:

I’ve just called UN Secretary General underlining the need for a strong commitment to an international investigation into #MH17 disaster.”

Oh, great! That’ll make the families of the victims feel so much better. Yes, we should expect him to do that as a matter of course, but why does he need to tweet about it to the world, as though he’s performed some great service to us all?

Meanwhile, Obama struts the White House lawn like an arrogant peacock uttering threats of what he’ll do to Russia, if it turns out their weapons are responsible for shooting down the passenger jet. We all know it’s nothing more than hot air, and a failed attempt to pretend he’s still the leader of the free world.

No doubt Vladimir Putin is having a hissy fit in the Kremlin, striding the floor, red-faced and apoplectic, demanding to know who was responsible for this enormous faux pas. Surely, in a manner reminiscent of Kaiser Wilhelm’s response to his advisers when he discovered the British had not, as he’d mistakenly been misinformed, negotiated French neutrality in the days prior to the outbreak of WW1.

If there are any lessons from the tragedy of Flight MH17, it is that the power struggles of ego-manic politicians, and their constant manoeuvrings of minority groups to their own political ends, will inevitably result in tragedy, catastrophe, and untold suffering to the ordinary people of this planet.

When it occurs, those politically responsible will resort to the overly-familiar, worn-out platitudes, ordering us to: ‘pray for the victims and their families’; that ‘those responsible will be brought to justice’, and ‘ I’ve just called UN Secretary General underlining the need for a strong commitment to an international investigation into #MH17 disaster’.

And yet, we never learn.

Meanwhile, in Gaza…

3 Replies to “When Will We Stop Accepting This Shit?”

  1. I agree. Each tries to outdo the other with their grandiose announcements. We’ve heard so many, too of these in past months, I think that’s why we grow tired and cynical about it. One tragedy follows another, shootings, crashes, invasions, rinse and repeat. 🙁
    Learn? Us? Them? Not likely!

  2. Well said – although I don’t know about Mr Obama ‘strutting the White House lawn’? Always seems like a decent chap to me?

    I like the idea of old Vlad having a hissy fit. In fact that is one of the first things that occurred to me; I wonder how many people will have lost their jobs (to say the least) over that one.

    Your comparison to Kaiser Bill: I am impressed (yet again) by your knowledge of history and the amount of research you put into your blog.

    (My field of study: ‘Giant Moles and their role throughout English history’ is somewhat narrower and, though none the less extensively researched, perhaps lacks the same gravitas. I wonder if I should include a political column in my blog.)

    I still hope that we are (slowly) evolving and things will change – gradually.

  3. Twilight – “rinse and repeat…”? They don’t even bother with the rinse.

    George – good to see your comments back on Sparrow Chat.

    As to Obama being a ‘decent chap’, he sits alone in the Oval Office every Tuesday determining who he’ll murder next with his drone strikes. If his name were Harold Shipman we’d lock him up and throw the key away. He granted immunity to all Bush’s CIA torturers, sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan, vetoed an otherwise unanimous UN Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal and calling for an end to settlement expansion, has allowed unconvicted prisoners to wallow for a further six years in Guantanamo Bay Detention Center despite a 2008 election promise to close Guantanamo ‘…within twelve months’. He denied climate change for the first six years of his presidency until forced by public opinion to accept its inevitability, and has worked consistently for the benefit of the big corporations while declaring himself the champion of the people. Apart from those factors, and the rest of the iceberg – of which the above is only the tip – he’s a ‘decent chap’.

    Your research into ‘Giant Moles and their role throughout English history’ could prove the greatest contribution ever to the advancement of our species, given the known consequences of climate change over the next two hundred years. Please do not belittle it.

    If your studies allow for the addition of a political column in your excellent blog, “GEORGE SAYS” then it would be an asset to us all. You really should consider it.

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