2 Replies to “What The US Citizen Doesn’t See”

  1. I was away for a few days, RJA, now catching up on all my favourite blogs.
    I call the victims such as you show, “The Forgotten Innocents”. We don’t see them on bought and paid for MSM or even on alternative news. I cannot imagine what living in Iraq is like – with the appalling slaughter and injury done to these helpless “collateral damage” as reminders of the murderous USA all around. Souvenirs of democracy.

    At these times, I pray there is a hell in which Bushco can roast for all eternity.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. WWW – the concept of war remains at its most primitive in the US. To keep it that way, it’s necessary to not show images like the one above. Americans might begin to consider war less than ‘honorable’, ‘brave’, or ‘heroic’, and all those other mind-blowing adjectives that have tripped from the tongues of Hollywood actors for decades. They might even then begin to question the size of the Pentagon budget, while their own kids lack doctors and proper healthcare. 9/11 didn’t do it. How big a kick up the ass does this country need before it pulls its head out the sand and takes a long, hard look in the mirror?

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