What Have We Become?


John Demjanjuk is 89 years old and in frail health. Today he was wheeled into court on a gurney to stand trial in Munich for crimes committed sixty years ago.

The evidence is circumstantial. About as circumstantial as the evidence presented to an Israeli court on the last occasion John DemJanjuk was extradited from the U.S. back in 1988.

Then he was charged with being ‘Ivan the Terrible’, a notoriously brutal Nazi death camp guard from Treblinka. He was found guilty and sentenced to hang.

He was on death row in an Israeli jail for five years until further evidence came to light proving his innocence of the charge. He returned to the United States.

Now, at the end of his traumatic life, he’s once again charged with war crimes; this time, as an accessory to murders committed by the Germans at Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Demjanjuk denies he was ever at Sobibor.

Maybe he was; maybe, he wasn’t. Either way, is anything to be gained by dragging this sick old man through more legal proceedings?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

It will prove once and for all what we have become.

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3 Replies to “What Have We Become?”

  1. Even if he committed the atrocities that he is accused of, and it is very likely, I agree – why? Morality aside, why clog up the already bogged down court system? In principle, sure, some may only find it fair that even in his old age, he be held responsible, but if the evidence is inconclusive, just let the SOB live out the rest of his life living with the atrocities that he committed. Better to let a guilty 89 year old frail man go, than drag a potentially innocent one into all of this mess.

  2. Another great distraction from the atrocities being committed by Israel every single day in their relentless pursuit of the people of Palestine.
    These disconnects must surely be the greatest since all time began.

  3. Madness! I can see nothing to be gained at all….except perhaps…. that re-visiting the evidence serves to keep fresh in our minds the depths to which human nature can sink. We must never, ever forget.

    Whether this man is guilty of everything he’s charged with will never be known with certainty. He’ll probably be gone from planet earth before the end of proceedings anyway.

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