What Does A Blind Moose Think?

I’m writing this as the presidential debate is about to begin. That’s assuming John McCain deigns to turn up, of course.

No, I won’t be watching.

What’s the point? Obama will be measured, polite, and respectful to McCain, who in turn will pull the ‘experience’ card and the, ‘I’m older and therefore must know better’, argument, when its perfectly obvious to a mentally-retarded, blind moose about to be slaughtered by Sarah Palin’s AK47, that this is one time that ‘older’ definitely doesn’t mean ‘wiser’.

What was he thinking? All this “I’m suspending my campaign to march on Washington and fix the economy” business? Could it fool anyone? No. Not even a mentally-retarded, blind moose about to be slaughtered by Sarah Palin’s AK47.

Can there truly be anyone left in this country who sees anything viable in the McCain/Palin ticket?

Let’s be honest, Obama’s not going to effect change. At least, not so’s you’d notice, even if you weren’t a mentally-retarded, blind moose about to be slaughtered by Sarah Palin’s AK47. This country isn’t run by presidents, or even politicians. It’s controlled by the humongous corporations. The politicians just do their bidding.

McCain’s only claim to fame is that he was tortured by the Viet-Cong. It may be cause for sympathy and a Purple Heart, but rewarding him with the presidency, fifty years after the event, is surely going a bit far.

If there is any one good reason for not voting McCain into office, it’s Sarah Palin. The US president is supposed to make decisions that turn out right for the country. Was his choice of vice president the right decision? Not even a mentally-retarded, blind moose, about to be slaughtered by Sarah Palin’s AK47, would agree that it was.

Here’s one good reason why John McCain should never be president of the United States: he’s cheapened the office. It may be hard to believe that the office of US president could be cheapened more than has been achieved by George W Bush, yet even before McCain sets foot in the Oval Office he’s managed to sink one stage lower than the present incumbent.

He did it by stooping to select a Republican vice presidential candidate who for entirely political motives might gain him the presidency, by virtue not of political experience and integrity, but solely because of her sex.

Hillary Clinton failed. John McCain tried to use that failure to his advantage, by picking Palin solely because she was female.

Let’s be honest, it is the only qualification she has.

Even if you were a mentally-retarded, blind moose about to be slaughtered by Sarah Palin’s AK47, you must surely understand that.

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4 Replies to “What Does A Blind Moose Think?”

  1. RE: Blind moose. An old horse salesman told me that we never say the horse is blind, only that it doesn’t look as good as it used to.

  2. The really sad, sad part about all this is that McCain may win. Despite his gaffes, his ignorance, his pandering, he is running against a ‘black guy’. It may be the 21st century but hatred and prejudice are still doing well in America.

  3. I’m in total agreement with you this time RJ. McCain’s pick of Palin was irresponsible to the nth degree. He had some great (though not to my own taste) options for VP – how good would Romney and his background have seemed in the midst of this financial crisis? But McCain decided to play silly buggers. Maverick? I don’t think so. Pathetic!

    We watched the debate last night. I was impressed by Obama….I don’t care if some of his associates are shady now – maybe he needs a few gansters behind him to oppose the gangsters who are already in power. I eat every word I’ve said in the past to his detriment. I still do think Clinton would have been a stronger choic, especially with Obama as VP, but I feel quite happy voting for Obama now.

    McCain was a pain in the ass last night, condescendingly saying on numerous occasions “Senator Obama doesn’t understand…….”, never once looking his opponent in the eye, and generally appearing shifty and peevish. Obama was calm, crisp (for once) and on top of all the questions.
    He showed no pettiness at all – classy in fact!
    See – I’m a born again Obamabot. LOL!

  4. Flimsy – are you discussing the moose, or Sarah Palin? 😉

    Al – racism is rife throughout the world, but yes, attempts in the US to brush it under the carpet regularly fail. I agree McCain stands a good chance of winning. I still believe Diebold will have the final say, if it’s close.

    Twilight – I would much rather a President Clinton than a President McCain, and I do think she would have stood a better chance than Obama, just because of the race issue. McCain/Palin is a circus ticket. Unfortunately, it may turn into a circus of horrors.
    I’m glad you’re now happy with Obama. After all the hassle you endured to become naturalized, not having someone to vote for that you liked, would have been sad indeed.

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