Weep For Your Sins, America

It’s official.


That’s the figure admitted by the Iraq government, even though the actual figure is much higher as some children who lose both parents are taken in by relatives and never registered.

I wonder how many US news media channels are prepared to broadcast that tit-bit to the world?

Consider this: if there are five million children who have lost both parents to the war, how many dead parents does that represent?

To all those Americans who supported the war, and who voted George Bush and his band of war criminals back into office in 2004, the question that must be asked is:


Thanks to Richard at TOB for the link.

Read more HERE.

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7 Replies to “Weep For Your Sins, America”

  1. My thanks too, RJ.

    As for asking the type you refer to, how they sleep at night …

    Most of them don’t need to – they spend their days sleeping, and dreaming the America Dream. Maybe one day they’ll wake up and realise that’s all they’ll ever be allowed to do by the crooks & liars in charge – dream.

  2. With the criminal-in-chief making movies of his dogs, the rest are too busy at Walmart and can’t point out Iraq on a map anyway.

    I was heartsick to read of this, RJA, and also the good post over at Rick’s.

    And I was reading somewhere also of the birth defects and cancers of Iraqis as the result of the war weapons, mass destruction indeed. And not a whiff of conscience.

  3. Dubhaltach – welcome to Sparrow Chat. The consequences of the illegal invasion of Iraq, and subsequent atrocities perpetrated by countries that blatantly call themselves “civilized”, need to be highlighted. Too many Americans remain complacently unaware of the results stemming from this crime against humanity; a crime, the effects of which will linger for generations.

    TOB – from my observations of this nation over the last five years, if any ‘American Dream’ ever existed it long ago turned into a nightmare.

    WWW – the consequences of Bush’s actions will reverberate through the Middle East for generations. Like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the suffering has only just begun.

    Jo – no words are needed.

  4. Actually Bush’s winning the elections is in question – but he has enough rich people behind him to keep him in power – no one listens to the peasants, not now, not ever.

  5. Flimsy – if the reality was that he lost the vote, there were still many, many Americans who voted for him second time around. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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