Weapon Of Choice?

Having just slated the American nation for its ridiculous and deadly obsession with firearms, I’m now about to attack them once more over their second favorite deadly pastime.

A British report by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), today states that in 2007, on British roads, 25 fatal, 64 serious, and 259 slight accidents resulted from motorists breaking the law by using cellphones while driving.[1]

According to research, drivers are four times more likely to crash if they use a cellphone while at the wheel.

Studies of this nature are never conducted in America. Agencies say there’s no evidence cellphone use while driving causes accidents. That’s because the evidence has never been collated. US police officers at the scene of an accident aren’t interested in whether a cellphone was in use at the time. Why should they be? It’s perfectly legal. Drivers are unlikely to say, “Hang on, officer, before you cart me off to hospital, I’ve just got to finish this call to my girlfriend.” Now, are they?

Driving a school bus around our local town allows me a perfect opportunity to observe what’s happening inside other motor vehicles. Believe me, the scenarios can be – and frequently are – horrifying; early morning commuters with a coffee mug in one hand, cellphone pressed to the ear, and a newspaper propped against the steering wheel, while fiddling with the CD changer or SatNav; applying make-up while phoning mom is very common; once, a guy masturbating while on the phone to God knows who….?????

And all at speeds in excess of thirty or forty miles an hour. If these people suddenly whipped out their Glock 38’s and began firing haphazardly, they’d scarcely be more dangerous.

It’s been illegal to use a cellphone in Britain while driving, since 2003. That the reason figures are relatively low. In the US, it boils down to this “freedom” thing again.

Apparently, Americans just love to have the freedom to kill people, whether its with a firearm, or a cellphone.

“Software blocks car phone users” BBC, October 14th 2008

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3 Replies to “Weapon Of Choice?”

  1. That’s one of my husband’s gripes, too RJ.
    As soon as we notice some car in front or behind us moving erratically, he says, “Bet they’re on the cellphone” – and as we or they pass, we see that he’s right, every time.

  2. You forgot to mention, RJA, or maybe not so evident down where you live, the drivers with their DVD players pinned to the dash that I’ve seen doing 120/KMH on the highway here. I find this the most horrific of all.
    How can anyone watch a movie while driving?
    PS And here in NL cell phone use in a car is banned and one is heavily fined for breaking it.

  3. I once saw two young girls driving down the street and both were on their cell phones…maybe to each other?

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