Up And Running Again!

You know how it is; another ordinary day, the casual tweak of a digital value to perfect a web-page or blog then, bingo! – everything falls apart. The page disintegrates. With a gasp of horror you realize something horribly serious is amiss. Twenty-four hours of unremitting sweat later, you breathe a sigh of relief after a complete rebuild reaches completion and normality is recaptured, at least for the time being.

Such was the case at Sparrow Chat this last week. A mundane rearrangement of website and blog, that should have taken a couple of days and only mildly interrupted normal functioning, suddenly transmogrified into a crisis of major proportions.

Happily all is well again. As those early BBC banners used to read years ago, when the airwaves were young and given to unpredictable tantrums: “NORMAL SERVICE WILL BE RESUMED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.”

Part of the upheaval this week has been due to a revamping of the “Even Little Sparrows” website, and subsequent complementary overhaul of the Sparrow Chat blog-pages. The idea was to integrate the two into a more functional unit. Readers will note a new look to the blog sidebar, with links to website pages offering works by RJ Adams for sale in eBook format, and as time goes by, works by other authors also. The old “Sparrow’s Emporium” – never much more than a link to Amazon – has been done away with and replaced with a new “Catalog” page. The Catalog will feature a small selection (at present, only two) of selected works considered to be of above-average merit and available in eBook, Audiobook, or standard formats. Links to major online retailers like Amazon will no longer be featured, except in occasional, exceptional, circumstances.

It has taken somewhat longer than anticipated, but hopefully Sparrow Chat readers will approve and be supportive of the new look.

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8 Replies to “Up And Running Again!”

  1. Welcome back! Having newly discovered your blog,I admit to being unhappy at the direct sales pitch via your Emporium! I did wonder just how many portable generators you actually used yourself! Sell-out non-endorsements DO detract from what is otherwise a refreshingly unbiased and forthright blog.Please do keep up the generally incisive and sometimes irreverent postings! (please,though,do use your spellchecker button-e.g. ‘gamble’,not ‘gambol’. As you may recall,I am the one who complained at the dumbing-down of the BBC. It seems their extensive Oxbridge contingent can neither spell,construct gramatically correct coherent sentences nor use a spellchecker button!) Much better to recommend books you yourself deem worthy. May I recommend a couple myself,which I’m sure you will REALLY enjoy. ‘The God Delusion’by Richard Dawkins. A magnificent total demolition of the supernatural God as peddled by ALL the religions. In conjunction with that, ‘The Biggest Secret’ by David Icke. An ABSOLUTELY fascinating read.Discount everything the media have said in the past (no,Icke did NOT say he was the ‘son of God’-he said we are ALL part of the same universal life-force and therefore we are ALL the sons of God).The book is startling in its depth of research,read it through then make a judgement.I have read a few of his books now and,though I’m not one for conspiracy theories,have to say that his evidence is VERY startling! Finally,something more light-hearted which is right down your alley,having read your bio re canals! ‘Narrowdog to Caucassone’ by Terry Darlington.The eponymous dog being Jim,a whippet (hence narrowdog!) which accompanies his owners on an real-life epic narrowboat journey from Stone in Staffordshire to the Caucassone in the south of France.They actually sailed their 60ft narrowboat over the English Channel!! This book is an absolute delight,the style different and the whole written with devastating wit,and simple beauty.It is a first book,I can’t wait for his second,which is the story of the boat sailing the eastern seaboard river systems of the USA! Right down your street,if not your area! There is a website you can visit for some pictures etc., weww.narrowdog.com. It’s worth every penny (or cent!)so please get Amazon to ‘rush it’ to you,as the Americanspeak has it. Best wishes

  2. JPGR – first, thanks for the “welcome back!” I’m pleased you missed me. Was the “Emporium” really promoting generators? They must have slipped in somehow. Thankfully, I have never needed such things. America’s power supply can occasionally cause headaches but is nowhere near as bad as that of the country they maliciously invaded and now occupy. Perhaps, if my “Emporium” had been in Iraq I would have done a roaring trade? I do take exception to your dislike of my modest capitalist enterprises. If a guy can’t push his books on his own blog, then where can he? After all, the revamped Sparrow Chat and Even Little Sparrows hardly compares to THIS website when it comes to screwing money out of honest people, now does it? As for “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins, I’ve already read it. While no sane soul can really argue with most of his conclusions, he does rather spoil himself for me by turning atheism into just another religion. Surely, we have enough of those? Your other recommendation by Terry Darlington is not one I’m familiar with. I do remember some rather obnoxious guy taking his narrowboat across the English Channel some years ago and writing of it as though it where the greatest feat ever. It isn’t, if one chooses to do it in the right weather. But his name was not Darlington, and so far as I’m aware, he didn’t have a dog, so I will order a copy of “Narrowboat to Caucassonne” from Amazon just as soon as funds allow, which will be when someone buys one of my eBooks advertised so blatantly on the sidebar of this blog, or preferably two, so I and my family may munch on a crust or two while reading it. Meanwhile, and sincerely, it is good to read your comments and I’m glad Sparrow Chat’s downtime didn’t cause you to abandon hope and seek other, less interesting, blogs. Oh, and on the vexed question of spell-checkers, I would also point out that no spell-checker will yet pick up the difference between “gamble” and “gambol”, both being legitimate words. Editing has always been the bane of writers. The brain patterns relevant to producing good prose seem to block out such mundanities as spelling and grammar, hence the use by well-heeled writers of independent “editors” before their works are published. Sadly, due to those who question the ethic of advertising one’s wares in one’s sidebar, RJ has yet to be included among that group of writers specified as “well-heeled”.

    Al – thanks, and I’m glad you like it.

    AP – thanks to you also, and I’m glad you survived the snake. (to learn more, read his blog.)

    PM – I knew I could rely on a positive comment from you. Thank you.

  3. Methinks he doth protest too much!There is underlying venom in your response-please read my post again! Nowhere in my comments did I criticize your selling your own books-good on yer.I have a genuine interest in those works. But your Emporium did indeed include several generators.I have no interest in them.
    I did find your comment re Dawkins making atheism a “religion”odd.As I read it,he was demolishing the conventional,religious,bearded,supernaturally omnipotent God,but very definitely expressing belief in god(with a small g)in the form of a universal life force.In any event,it wouldn’t do for us all to translate books identically.Where would the religions be then!!
    No,Mr.Darlington is not obnoxious. Actually,a Welshman and poet.
    I take your point re ‘gamble’ etc.It’s just that an otherwise very well-written,erudite piece is,for me,the grammatical pedant,slightly marred!Your problem is,having read some of your archive postings,I now expect very high standards indeed from an obviously intelligent,well-educated man,and my disappointment knows no bounds when those(tiny)errors appear.
    Chip,chip,keep up the good work!

  4. Me like. The background is just that particular shade of yellow i keep trying to explain to the handyshop off the colour samples, just before they hand me Lemondrop Hissyfit Yellow. I like this MUCH better than the gray/blue setup that was here before! Good work!

  5. JPGR – no, absolutely no venom, my friend, underlying or otherwise. Hopefully, just good old fashioned reason and common-sense, (“which is more than can be found on the Icke website,” he mutters under his breath). If I believed in winking smilies, I’d use one there. But I don’t, so I won’t. I admit to finding your comment about blog sales somewhat ambiguous, and probably misunderstood it. For which, I apologize.

    I do endeavor to minimize spelling and grammatical errors, but please bear in mind that a blog, unlike traditionally published work, is often written in haste, and time seldom allows for more than a cursory edit, so mistakes are occasionally inevitable. I won’t comment further on Dawkins. As you rightly point out, we are heading into the realm of personal opinion, and such a debate could easily continue indefinitely, thus putting it beyond the limitations of this blog.

    Anan – I rather like the sound of Lemondrop Hissyfit Yellow. The Hex number of this particular color is #FDF6E9, so if your local handyshop is computerized, insist he load it in – though most likely, you’ll still end up with Lemondrop Hissyfit Yellow! Thank you for your kind words.

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