Two Reasons To Be Thankful

Reports today that Ann Coulter, the big-mouthed Barbie doll of the Republican party, has had her jaw wired in the shut position, after she broke it recently (or, maybe someone broke it for her?)[1]

Ms Coulter is one of those Americans, of which both parties have their share, who’ve discovered a way to become infamous, and consequently a celebrity, by mouthing ignorant and inaccurate statements about their political opponents. It’s an American game that never ceases to confound the rest of the world by its immaturity and lack of any facet of intelligence.

We can only hope Ms Coulter remains orally challenged for the foreseeable future.

Across the pond, in Britain, a new advertising campaign is hoping the festive spirit will take note and carry a condom to all those office Christmas parties where, it seems, anything goes and the results can be disastrous:

The story, publicized in the UK’s notoriously hypocritical Daily Mail newspaper, asks whether this “crude ad” is really the best way to combat unwanted Xmas pregnancies – all, while displaying the lives, loves, and dirty washing of UK and US celebs, for the reader’s delectation.[2]

To some Americans, the loose moral attitudes of the British are an anathema, but thankfully not all nations share the same narrow-minded, moralistic, interfering-in-other-people’s-lives, philosophy, so to those British males headed for the annual Christmas “do”, Sparrow Chat says, don’t forget to pack a ‘packet of three’, ‘cos you never know when you’ll need one.

And, while you’re at it, give thanks you’re not subject to the religiot morals of your cousins across the pond.

[1] “Ann Coulter’s jaw broken and will be wired shut” OregonLive.Com, November 25th 2008

[2] “Is this crude ad really the best way to tackle unwanted pregnancies at Christmas?” Daily Mail, November 28th 2008

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  1. I read a review of one of Coulter’s books and the guy called her the bleached flamingo – I liked that.

    I spent Thanksgiving alone and picked up my spirits by looking for uplifting videos to put on my blog sidebar. Haven’t felt natural around my family for years – since one said “you brought it on yourself” after theft of my business and none wanted to hear my account of events. Don’t hate them, just hard to smile in their presence.

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