Trump Talks ‘Dirty’ – Where’s The Surprise?

Donald Trump is a coarse, brash, chauvinist who likes to talk ‘dirty’ when he’s in the company of other men.


Is this really any great surprise? Didn’t we all know it already? He’s hardly the type of individual one expects as a prospective White House tenant, but then Richard Nixon wasn’t too far removed.

Trump’s hardly made a secret of his male chauvinism. The very fact he’s been heavily involved in so many beauty pageants gives a hint, even if his own vociferousness on the campaign trail hadn’t made it obvious.

It’s schoolboyish, immature, and smacks of lacking intellect, but sadly it’s what many men do when they’re together and free from female company. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous, but it’s exactly what male politicians worldwide are now rushing to deny. So far, there’s only been one who’s admitted to the truth, and that’s Nigel Farage, the reinstated leader of UKIP, who called it for what it was – “alpha male boasting”.

At the moment, there’s no evidence to suggest it was any more than that. Immature men frequently lie to other males about their sexual prowess. It’s all part of the male hierarchy process. If, as was the case with DJ Jimmy Savile and others in Britain, evidence should emerge that Trump has been engaged in physical sexual assaults against women, that would be cause for further investigation and possible criminal charges. At this time such is not the case.

Perhaps it’s more important to highlight the political hypocrisy of the other male U.S. politicians, who in their droves are removing their support for Trump following disclosure of this tape. This writer doubts there’s one of them who, at some time in their past, hasn’t indulged in a similar all-male conversation, or had sexual imaginings that were not wholly respectful of the fairer sex. To publicly parade such pretended disgust at Trump is pure hypocrisy.

An even more important issue is how this tape surfaced just a few days before the crucial second nominee debate. Coincidence, or a political ploy by the Democratic Party machine?

All the evidence points to the latter.

It’s not known how the Washington Post got the story, but it was almost certainly an NBC employee who gave it to them. It all centred around an NBC progamme , ‘Access Hollywood’. Apparently, Trump has given interviews to this programme on numerous occasions. Back in 2005, he was on a bus with six other men waiting for an interview to begin when he made the comments, not realizing they were being taped. That tape ended up in the programme’s archives where it’s resided ever since.

Apparently, the host of the show, Billy Bush, to whom most of Trump’s unsavoury remarks were addressed, didn’t realise the tape was running either.

NBC “Today” show host Billy Bush is apologizing for comments he made in a video that surfaced on Friday showing him and Donald Trump speaking about women in vulgar terms.
“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed. It’s no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry,” Bush said in a statement.
Trump makes most of the coarse remarks in the video, from 2005 when Bush was host of “Access Hollywood.” But Bush eggs on Trump and at one point says that an actress approaching them is “hot as shit, in the purple.” [1]

‘Access Hollywood’ ‘just happened to discover’ the tape while searching their archives. They intended to expose it on their next programme, but someone beat them to it and sold it to the Post.

‘Access Hollywood’ is part of the NBC network. NBC is owned by Comcast. The Chief Executive of Comcast is Brian L Roberts (annual salary $24,000,000). It’s no secret that Comcast virtually owns the Democratic Party. MSNBC is the Party’s mouthpiece thanks to the tireless efforts of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, etc..

Brian Roberts plays golf with President Obama, donated a ton of cash to his presidential campaign, and has personally been involved in large-scale fund-raising for the Clinton campaign. (No references needed, this is common knowledge).

A Trump presidency could make life very difficult for the super-corporations. There can be little doubt that NBC and its associates would be told to ‘find dirt’ on Trump in order to discredit him. Why else would NBC employees be pouring through the archives of ‘Access Hollywood’ at this time?

Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States would be a disaster for America and the world. Nothing written here can alter that fact. It’s also a fact that the same will be true if Clinton is elected president. Both are liars, deceivers, and the lowest America has ever come in its choices for president.

Hillary Clinton is the champion of the corporations; Donald Trump is the champion of no-one but himself. Whichever way the vote goes on November 8th, we’ll all likely live to regret it.

[1] “Billy Bush apologizes for comments in Donald Trump video” Politico October 10th 2016

4 Replies to “Trump Talks ‘Dirty’ – Where’s The Surprise?”

  1. WWW – I really wouldn’t expect to hear that sort of talk in an NFL locker room. Players at that level are generally well-adjusted, college-educated, and need to have a high level of maturity and self-discipline.
    The only one of these qualities Trump has acquired is his bought college education. In every way he’s insecure and immature.
    The point I was trying to make in this piece was that a) we know from those who’ve been found out that politicians are not necessarily the whiter-than-white individuals they make themselves out to be (Anthony Weiner is just one of many), and b) this was a deliberate act by the Clinton campaign to discredit Trump prior to the second debate.
    There’s no way I could ever say anything good about this man. He’s a sleaze and a low-life. Unfortunately, there’s a lot like him about.
    In my youth I worked on an English building site for a time and the filth I heard spoken during tea breaks (often combined with gloating over page three of the ‘Sun’ newspaper) would make your hair curl. I was quick to get out of that job.

  2. Kind of related: I’m reminded that my late partner, who lived in the area of Windsor Castle in years before I met him, used to tell me that it was common knowledge in those parts (probably via people who worked at the Castle), that members of royalty could, on occasion, be quite as filthy mouthed – or worse – as any construction site worker. 😉

  3. Twilight – yes, I heard that from somebody, too. It doesn’t surprise me, though they probably couldn’t hold a candle to Trump and his lecherous behaviour.

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