Too Clever By ‘Arf

The pope’s advisors should do more to protect him from controversy, says the British archbishop of Cardiff, Peter Smith. He said the recent rows over the pope’s remarks on condoms when issued as an HIV/AIDS preventative, showed how the pontiff’s message was being misunderstood:

One of the difficulties we all have as bishops is to put the message of the gospel across in language which ordinary people will understand. We tend to be using rather theological language and this applies also to the pope, because he is at heart an academic. He has been in the academic life for donkey’s years and I think sometimes he may assume a little too much on the part of his hearers.” [1]

During his recent visit to Africa, Pope Benedict XVI condemned the “condom mentality”.

I guess that’s too darned theological for my layman’s brain.

[1] “Archbishop attacks pope’s advisers” Guardian, March 22nd 2009

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4 Replies to “Too Clever By ‘Arf”

  1. I wish Rosie O’Donnell had directed her wit Pope-wards

    ‘Stop at a drug store, buy a condom, and put it over your head. If you act like a dick, you might as well dress like one.’ (To a heckler)

  2. Reminds me of a play I was at once “Sister Ignatia explains it all for you” where every challenge to a tenet of Catholicism was answered in monosyllabic phrases. It was hysterically funny.
    Pete must have seen it.
    What jokers they all are.
    PS Thanks for the extra laugh, T.

  3. Twilight – in his mitre he could almost pass for an overly fat penis.

    WWW – that one rings a bell, though I can’t pin it down. Jokers, indeed!

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