Today Paris, Tomorrow…?

The images of Paris displayed throughout the world in the last twelve hours have been horrific and disturbing. Let’s take a moment to remember how Paris is, and always will be, despite the crazed antics of certain of our fellow human beings…


Despite assurances from our political leaders that all is being done to keep us safe from Islamic extremists hellbent on creating mayhem and terror, in some vain attempt to achieve god knows what, attacks of the sort witnessed in Paris last night are becoming an inevitable part of daily life.

President Hollande declared it an ‘..Act of War…’. The American President, Barack Obama wore his gloomy look and read the same old tired speech he seemingly uses for every violent act, whether home-grown or otherwise, while carefully avoiding any reference to his earlier announcement on ABC last Friday, when George Stephanopoulos asked him if ISIS was gaining in strength:

“I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them…[1]

Really? Contained, Mister Obama? Two hundred dead Parisians might disagree.

Meanwhile, the public schoolboy in charge at No 10 Downing Street reacts similarly with his well-rehearsed, ‘…hearts and prayers go out to..’ platitudes, presumably because he assumes it will make us all feel better.

Only twenty-four hours prior to the Paris atrocities the United States had been preening itself in front of the world, declaring it had (or, possibly had) slaughtered the British extremist delightfully nicknamed by the media, ‘Jihadi John’. The British Prime Minister profusely thanked America for, ‘…getting him for us…’, like a small boy grateful to an older brother for taking care of a bully.

CNN, announcing the news:

In a speech in 1942, Winston Churchill said that a recent British victory against the Nazis in North Africa was “not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Might the coalition arrayed against ISIS also be at the end of the beginning of the campaign that eventually will destroy the organization?”

Both the American media and its politicians have a love affair with Winston Churchill and quote him at every opportunity. In this case, though, somewhat inopportunely. Churchill was referring to the decisive defeat of Rommel’s forces at El Alamein in North Africa by Alexander and Montgomery, not the remote-controlled (possible) killing of one individual by a drone strike.

The obvious fact is that our leaders, confined by corporate control and political factions in the Middle East who would use the situation there to advantage, failed to deal with the murderous thugs of ISIS at their outset, preferring to refer to the downward spiral of Iraq and Syria as ‘…not our fight…’, even though America, in particular, was the creator of ISIS through its abortive actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The United States of America, with a little help from its ‘friends’, created the monster that has named itself ISIS. Perhaps it’s time that nation and its ‘friends’ shouldered their responsibilities and did something about it, other than targeting lowly individuals of no real consequence.

After all, one doesn’t kill a rampaging monster by simply paring its toenails.


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  1. Ominous events, RJ – thanks for your take on it from your new vantage point, a lot nearer to recent atrocities.

    World leaders’ declarations at these sad times have become something of an embarrassment – it’s difficult for them to find anything new to say, having had need to express the same feelings so many times in recent years – offering support but trying to respect the feelings of the bereaved, so early on. It has to be difficult.

    Your last sentence is true, as regards a rampaging monster – who could disagree? ISIS seems to me to be more of the nature of a flock of virulent poisonous mosquitoes than a rampaging monster though – flitting around spreading poison and death here and there, more or less unexpectedly -so not the same as other monsters the world has known.

    Sad, sad, ominous and scary. Stay safe y’all!

  2. Twilight – yes, indeed, almost too close and not simply geographically. We grow to love the French people and their way of life more with each passing day – though their bureaucracy could do with a kick up the proverbial!
    I don’t get much opportunity to write just now. We’re waiting for the purchase of our new house to be finalised – hopefully, around Christmas – and once in there we’ll be much more settled and in control of our lives again.
    As for the scum that regale themselves with the fanciful name of ‘Islamic State’, yes, perhaps there are similarities to a flock of virulent mosquitoes, but even mosquitoes need a swamp to survive. I still believe that revealing the monster as destructible, by taking out its heart, will cause the tentacles to whither and die – or the swamp that supports them to become arid.

  3. I thought of you and some other friends in La Belle France last night and I’m glad you posted to assure your many friends at this side of the world.

    Isis is a monster, as your rightly say, created by the USA in their illegal and criminal invasion of Iraq and the fruit is falling from that evil tree. Scattered but diligently executed and even with super-spying undetectable prior to these horrific slaughters.

    USA is striking other “collateral damage” as I write, on the innocents, most recently over 100 children.

    So pot and kettle come to mind. As the media focusses solely on ISIS.


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