Time To Out The “Daily” Dose OF Penis Jokes?

The so-called ‘case’ for the US attacking Syria has been so miserably and off-handedly put forward by our latest apology for a secretary of state, that my original intention was to confine this article to the fairly simple task of negating his most nebulous ‘evidence’ that the regime of Bashar al-Assad was culpable in the use of the sarin gas that poisoned so many in Ghouta on August 21st.

Just prior to beginning this article I received an email from FAIR that included a piece by Jim Naureckas entitled, “Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?”[1] Reading through, I realized it contained almost the exact same arguments I was about to use, so rather than duplicate Jim’s article I’ll simply supply a link to it at the bottom of this post, and turn my attentions to a more frivolous though, in my opinion, equally perturbing subject – Jon Stewart and the Daily Show’s obvious fixation with that male appendage known, at least in medical circles, as the penis.


Now, immediately I realize I’ve made a mistake. I stated it was a ‘Daily Show’ fixation. The evidence indicates the contrary. Jon Stewart, long-term host of the Daily Show, has been away from his post for twelve weeks. During that time, his seat has been occupied by the English comedian, John Oliver.

It rapidly became clear that the ratio of penis jokes per Daily Show segment was dropping off considerably. Whole shows went by without the word, “penis”, ever being mentioned. Okay, there was the odd occasion, but they only served to remind us just how frequently this member was referenced when Jon Stewart was in control. One got the distinct impression Oliver was only throwing in the odd mention out of misplaced respect for Stewart.

Even the surfacing of Anthony Weiner as candidate mayor of New York, a circumstance Stewart would have milked of dubious penis humor for all it was worth, only received a muted ‘member’ response from Oliver.

Obviously, the Daily Show writers were just as keen to escape from such puerile nonsense as was the temporary host. Sadly, on Stewart’s return yesterday, the penis comments and double entendres were once again rife.

It would seem from the evidence (possibly more substantial then John Kerry’s) that Jon Stewart is the immature and puerile one dictating the sniggering schoolboy humor that abounds on his show. Perhaps it’s time the show matured? Perhaps it’s time for a change at the top?

Perhaps it’s time the “Daily Show with John Oliver” became a permanent fixture?

[1] “Which Syrian Chemical Attack Account Is More Credible?” FAIR, September 1st 2013

3 Replies to “Time To Out The “Daily” Dose OF Penis Jokes?”

  1. John Oliver nailed it, at least every night I caught the show this summer. He definitely needs to be a full-time host. If not of The Daily Show, than of his own show.

  2. I think John oliver did a great job, but I’m also glad John is back. It’s his show and I like his humor it’s what keeps me entertained, sorry for my childish mind

  3. Sometimes I’m quite overglad that I don’t have teevee and can’t access USian content on a Canadian IPO.

    Having said that, I’ve always enjoyed Jon and am surprised he would sink to this type of locker room crap.


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