Time To End The Pathetic “Russian Hacking” Story

Russia says it’s tired of America’s ‘hacking witch-hunt’:

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Moscow was tired of the accusations.

He said a report released by US intelligence agencies detailing the allegations was groundless.
It is the first official reaction from Russia since President-elect Donald Trump received the report on Friday.

The unclassified report contains allegations that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the hacking of Democratic Party emails to damage Donald Trump’s Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, and influence the election…[1]

Well, have I got news for you, Dmitri. We’re all tired of this played-out story line. It’s been kept on the boil by Western media for weeks now with no clear evidence emerging, from any source, that it’s anything more than supposition and mythology:

…In his comments on Monday, Mr Peskov said Russia “categorically denied that Moscow had been involved in any hacking attacks”.
“Groundless accusations which are not supported by anything are being rehearsed in an amateurish, unprofessional way. We don’t know what information they are actually relying on.”
The claims amounted to a “witch-hunt”, he added.

According to the BBC the unclassified report stated:

Kremlin had “clear preference” for Mr Trump to win US election, with goal to “undermine public faith in US democratic process and “denigrate” Hillary Clinton.

Russian military intelligence hacked into the email accounts of the Democratic National Committee and top Democrats.

They used intermediaries such as WikiLeaks, DCLeaks.com and Guccifer 2.0 persona to release the information acquired from the hackings.

They also used state-funded propaganda and paid social media users or “trolls” to make nasty comments.

Vote tallies were not affected by Russian interference.

I don’t think the Kremlin had to work too hard either to ‘denigrate’ Hilary Clinton, or ‘undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process’. The public had, in the main, already lost faith in the system, and Clinton was despised by most voters long before any “Russian interference” took place – if, indeed, there was any.

Certainly someone hacked the D.N.C. email accounts, making known to Americans the dirty tactics used to bring down Bernie Sanders, and Clinton’s less-than-acceptable behavior over her own email servers.

If it hadn’t been for WikiLeaks and Co the public would never have been made aware of these issues.

It’s doubtful the Russians, or any other ‘evil entity’ had to pay “trolls” to make nasty comments. Twitter’s awash with sick individuals only too happy to spread nasty comments around the internet, all free of charge.

And if vote tallies weren’t affected by this hacking, what’s all the fuss about?

Let’s be frank here: we all know that the 2016 U.S. presidential election was the contest from Hell. Neither of the candidates was fit to run a piss up in a brewery, least of all the most militarily powerful nation on earth. Two Hell-hawks scrapping for the greatest power-prize on earth was a competition with no winner the public could ever aspire to respect, and when it was all over, bar the swearing, the losers licked their wounds and blamed their favourite adversary – Vladimir Putin.

Are we truly expected to believe that America’s vast military industrial complex isn’t hacking into every darned nation’s security systems for all it’s worth? We know it is. Remember Angela Merkel’s cell phone calls? Remember America’s invention: Stuxnet?

The hypocrisy stinks.

“Undermining public faith in the U.S. democratic process?”

You gotta laugh!

[1] “Trump election: Russia ‘tired’ of US hacking ‘witch-hunt'” BBC, January 9th 2017

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  1. The “Russia did it” chorus which does seem never-ending is partly because we’re in a big-news lull pending inauguration. Once The Donald is in the White House, and doing gods know what, there’ll be more than enough to worry about, and for journalists to write about. Russia will no longer be in sight from our back gardens. 😉

  2. Twilight – yes, I’m sure you’re right. Though, if Trump carries on sleeping with Putin I can see mass apoplexy in Congress. It could prove too much for John McCain. He’ll likely expire in Lindsey Graham’s arms. Now that would be newsworthy!

  3. Al DeVito – thanks, Al. It’s something of a work in progress. I’ve tried a number of different layouts but this one is the most promising to date. It keeps me out of mischief!

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