Three Strikes, America, And You’re Out

It’s eight o’clock on Thursday evening. Throughout America, millions are completing their final preparations before sitting down to watch the sports event of the year, billed as the fight of the decade. In the red corner will be Sarah “Pit Bull” Palin, a relative newcomer from Alaska; in the blue corner, Joe “Jabber” Biden, veteran of many a good scrap and the title holder in tonight’s bout.

Can Palin the Pit Bull out-punch the belligerent Biden? On form it seems unlikely. She hasn’t performed well in recent practice bouts, and while her staying power is not in doubt, she’s found herself on the ropes repeatedly over the last weeks.

Biden’s experience and vigor should make this an easy contest for him to win, and many are predicting a knockout in the second or third.

Of course, it’s a waste of time. There are no judges ringside. They’re all out in the country glued to their television sets, cheering on their favorite. Whatever the outcome of tonight’s bout, virtually all America has made up its mind who their particular winner is going to be, even before the first punch is thrown.

America needs to stop, and take a long, deep breath, before deciding to vote for McCain/Palin in November. While there are many in this country who don’t give a tinker’s cuss how it will effect the rest of the planet, nevertheless, nations outside the US wait expectantly for a result on November 4th that will either begin to restore American credibility, or confine it to the trash can for years to come.

The world has not forgotten how George W Bush came to power in 2000, or how he was reinstalled in 2004. The damage of those eight years lies heavy with many Europeans, and others throughout the globe.

World bankers outside the US may not be lily-white in their innocence of the sins committed by Wall Street, in the last great fling orchestrated by Bush’s de-regulative administration before it finally slithers away into its deep, dark hole, but the people of the world are well aware of the avaricious virus that evolved in America, before spreading like a plague into financial institutions globally.

It won’t matter how well Sarah Palin competes against her adversary tonight. Just as the citizens of America have already made up their minds, so the citizens of the world are united in castigating Palin as the far-right, warmongering, Christian fundamentalist that she truly is.

It was the US that invented the “three strikes and you’re out” rule.

Voting McCain/Palin into office on November 4th will assuredly result in the rest of the world consigning America to the “sin-bin” for decades to come.

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3 Replies to “Three Strikes, America, And You’re Out”

  1. The debates are a hoax. Why even bother having someone ask questions since the candidates just talked about what they wanted to anyway?

  2. We watched, and enjoyed the spectacle. It gave us plenty of opportunity to yell at the TV screen, and release our frustrations.

    Whenever Biden pointed out Bush’s horrendous record Palin would mock him saying he was “looking backward to the past”, yet she never missed an opportunity to harp on her record in Alaska (also looking backward), even when it had nothing at all to do with the question. And, as it happens Bush is not the past – he’s the present (more’s the pity).

    That and her pronunication: nucular (as GWB says it to the delight of comedians everywhere) and Eyerak and Eyeran had me itching to throw something.

    Biden clearly won, I thought, but Palin’s silly “down-home” attitude, winking at the camera and sneering false smiles were probably lapped up by Republicans, who are doubtless declaring her the winner.

  3. Flimsy – a hoax? Yes, but why do they have to be such mind-numbingly boring hoaxes?

    Twilight – I’m sorry, but I consider Sarah Palin the best choice for VP, by far. My next but one post will explain why, in exquisite detail. 😉

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