Third Grade, Or Simply Third Rate, Politicians?

Once again an American politician makes his country look ridiculous in the eyes of the world. That not all the goons are Republicans, case was proved this week when Democratic Congressman Silvestro Reyes of Texas, chosen by Nancy Pelosi to chair the house intelligence committee, charged with the oversight of the CIA, stammered and stuttered and managed to look exceedingly foolish when asked simple questions by a reporter, such as: is al Qaeda a Sunni or Shia organization, and, what is Hezbollah?

Reyes was horribly wrong on both counts.

Apparently, he is not alone. Jeff Stein, a contributor to the political magazine, Congressional Quarterly, reports that two Republican committee members were also stumped by simple questions concerning Islam and the Middle East.

Should America expect more from its politicians?

Probably not. How many ordinary Americans, one wonders, could answer such questions correctly? How many even care?

American politicians undoubtedly reflect many of the people they represent.

Just another nail in the coffin of respect for this nation, so far as the rest of the world is concerned.

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2 Replies to “Third Grade, Or Simply Third Rate, Politicians?”

  1. It made me mad that the Iraq commission was nothing but old politicians rather than people from Iraq – and at a cost of a million dollars I heard. Pretty discouraging all around. There isn’t too much difference between Dems and Republicans – it is just a matter of picking the least evil.

  2. Flimsy – you are so right; the least evil. Many people wonder why I keep picking on America when similar situations occur elsewhere, but it is the fact that the US is so powerful, is the leader of other nations, that makes it so much worse when hypocrisy, corruption, and ignorance dominate US politics. This country has a responsibility to lead by good example. Its failure to do so is the cause of unimaginable suffering all around the globe.

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