There’s A Very Nasty Smell Emanating From Parliament These Days

One of my great concerns as an ex-pat is watching from afar as the structures and standards that prevailed for so long in my home country are systematically dismantled by a load of privately educated, frock-coated, shits with no more desire to run the country for the benefit of its people than has a school of sharks for the victims that will become their next meal.

I refer to the class of so-called ‘politicians’ presently in charge of the United Kingdom’s future.

There was a time when great statesmen rose to political prominence by devoting their careers to the improvement and advancement of the lower social classes.

Many, though not all such great men, came from the aristocracy. That fact did not prevent them exercising a natural humanity towards those over whom they held political sway. Neither men nor women of such caliber exist in today’s world of corrupt, self-serving, politicians.

For years, the British National Health service was respected, held aloft on the world stage as an example of the success of social medicine. Today it is being dismantled before our eyes, privatized along similar lines to the money-guzzling monstrosity that passes for a healthcare system in the United States. The latest viper to slither into the top seat of the now ridiculously named “UK Ministry for Health”, Jeremy Hunt,[1] professed a deep dislike of socialized medicine and stated he much prefers, …”something along the lines of the US model…”. He’s also a firm believer in homeopathy!

One can only wonder why Viper No 1, Prime Minister David Cameron, placed such a shit in charge of the NHS, if it weren’t to oversee its dismantlement on behalf of the US medical corpocracy?

My last post referred, in the title, to skunks. It’s hard to differentiate between shits and skunks, though on balance I find the skunk more preferable. After all, it’s hideous aroma is no more than a defense mechanism. There’s nothing defensive about the stench of shit emanating from the Palace of Westminster these days. It’s an all-to-familiar aroma of corruption, as the big boy corporates on this side of the Atlantic, hungry to expand their ill-gotten profit-taking at the expense of the UK poor and needy, pour many more than forty pieces of silver into the eager, outspread, palms of our much-unloved, British parliamentary shits as they happily sacrifice the lamb of the NHS on the butcher’s hook of US corporate control.

Further twisting the knife of poverty in the backs of the poor and needy, Cameron recently announced that people living in “social housing” – that is, houses rented from housing associations or local authorities – will lose a percentage of their housing benefit for every unoccupied bedroom in their home.

Here, in a BBC report, is what this little shit, Minister for Pensions Steve Webb, had to say about it:

Under the government’s so-called “size criteria”, families will be assessed for the number of bedrooms they actually need.

The change affects council tenants, and those renting from housing associations, of working age who receive housing benefit…Tenants in social housing will have their benefit reduced by 14% if they have a spare bedroom or 25% if they have two or more extra rooms.

The Liberal Democrat minister [Steve Webb] was asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the example of a divorced father who has a spare bedroom for his visiting children, but will lose out under the new arrangements.

Mr Webb said: “Many of the people we are talking about – over 100,000 – are in work. So they could, for example, work a bit more and simply pay the shortfall.

“We’re talking on average £14 or £15 a week. So three hours at the minimum wage would pay the shortfall then he can keep the spare bedroom and have someone to stay.

“The issue of an extra shift, a bit of overtime, to pay that shortfall, if it really matters to have that spare room – and I entirely understand that it will, for a family in that situation – making up the shortfall through working extra hours will be one of the options. But there may be others.”

The government has estimated the change will affect around 660,000 housing benefit claimants.

Or, the father requiring a spare bedroom for his estranged, visiting, offspring will now need to work so many hours he won’t have the time to look after them.

Pettiness, a meanness directed at the most hard-hit in society, is a hallmark of the true political shit today. Their aim is the demolition of society. They work their shitty little butts off to drag Britain down into the mire for their own short-term gain.

Perhaps it’s not so much them who do the dragging. They are just allowing it. They are just obeying the demands of their corporate and political masters on this side of the Atlantic. It would be interesting to know the content of private transatlantic telephone conversations between British politicians and US corporate and political bosses. We can be sure those conversations exist. As yet, we can only guess what deals are done; what favors promised; what remunerations exacted.

The “Special Relationship” is being dragged down to a whole new, stench-ridden, level.

Meanwhile, British people, complacent about their welfare state, are naively untroubled by the decimation taking place before their eyes. They’re blind to the once proud Union Jack methodically ripped from its staff in front of them, soon to be replaced by a dirty, bedraggled, and heavily shit-stained, Stars and Stripes.

[1] “Jeremy Hunt as health secretary: it might not be so bad” tongue-in-cheek article by Dean Burnett, The Guardian, September 5th 2012

[2] “Work longer to keep spare room, says pensions minister” BBC, February 7th 2013

2 Replies to “There’s A Very Nasty Smell Emanating From Parliament These Days”

  1. Glad to see you back in fine form RJ!

    People in Britain are being “boiled into it” then – just as people in the USA have been experiencing for decades and are now more or less done for.

    I think, on balance, I’m glad to be on this side of the Atlantic, there’s more space and it’s possible to avoid some of the stink because there’s such a lot of fresh, if allergy-ridden, air here. 😉

  2. Twilight – thanks. It’s good to be back. The winter’s been hectic. I wish I could say I spent it writing, but in fact I’ve done very little of that. Much of my time has been spent shoveling snow and feeding the wood furnace. The Britain we remember is virtually gone. In ten years it will just be another (unofficial) state of America.

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