The World Is Better Off Today Because Of Me – Tony Blair


The Chilcot report ran to two million six hundred thousand words. That’s the equivalent of three and a third Bibles, or nearly four and a half volumes of War and Peace. If we’re brutally honest all 2.6 million words were about Tony Blair.

In practice, that’s probably not quite true, but so far as the British public are concerned, the Chilcot report was all about whether Tony Blair did the right thing, or not; whether he was guilty of taking Britain to war illegally, or not.

The report was fairly damning on both questions. No, he wasn’t right, and probably he went to war illegally. The Chilcot inquiry wasn’t about gathering evidence for prosecution, so that was as far as Sir John Chilcot could go in his condemnation.

On Wednesday, after the report was published, Tony Blair spent two hours defending his position over Iraq. He apologised profusely for what he did wrong, while insisting everything he did was right. You’d have thought that would be sufficient. He’d said his piece, the report was out, now it was time to hide away and keep one’s head down for six months, or so, until the heat’s off.

That’s what any sane person would do. Not so Blair. One day later and he’s back on the radio – BBC, no less – telling everyone the world would be in a much worse position today had he not decided to invade Iraq.

“I can regret the mistakes and I can regret many things about it – but I genuinely believe not just that we acted out of good motives and I did what I did out of good faith, but I sincerely believe that we would be in a worse position if we hadn’t acted that way. I may be completely wrong about that.”

He argued that had Saddam Hussein been left in power, “he would have gone back to his [weapons of mass destruction] programmes again”.
And if he had been in power during the Arab Spring in 2011, “I believe he would have tried to keep power” in the way that Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, had done.”[1]

It seems that Blair is forgetting that the “Arab Spring” fomented as a direct result of the toppling of Saddam Hussein. There would have been no “Arab Spring” had the invasion of Iraq not taken place.

Neither Blair, nor the U.S. administration, had any idea of the violent Muslim factions that would be unleashed by removing the strong, dictatorial, powerbases of Hussein, Gaddafi, and Assad.

America makes much of ‘spreading democracy and freedoms’ throughout the Middle East. Its politicians need to read Middle Eastern history. Then they might just comprehend why these nations were governed dictatorially. Saddam Hussein may not have been a very nice man, but he knew how to control his countrymen and prevent the violent, tribal, warfare that has been tearing Iraq apart since his forced removal.

Similarly with Gaddafi, and now the sickening mess that is Syria. Overlording them all is the devil-child spawn of the British/U.S. occupation of Iraq – ISIS.

There was no al Qaeda in Iraq when Saddam was in control. ISIS didn’t exist. Neither was al Qaeda in Libya when Gaddafi was in control, nor in Syria under Assad. All have been created from the warmongering antics of one superpower and a deluded egocentric British politician who loved to be seen hobnobbing with the president of the United States.

Democracy is not for everyone. Some cultures aren’t ready for it. Iraq, Libya, and Syria are fine examples of what can happen when strong leadership is removed, or rendered powerless.

Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld, have the blood of many thousands of innocents on their hands. They were ignorant of those they were dealing with. But ignorance is no excuse in law.

Blair is, of course, horribly wrong to suggest the world is better off today than in 2002. No-one in their right mind could possibly believe that. Perhaps now he’ll go and hide himself away for a while. He needs to. We’re tired of his excuses, bored with his plaintive assertions, but above all we’re heartily sick of the mass murder, torture, rape, starvation, orphaned children, husband-less wives, and the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons resulting from his actions and those of his political ‘buddies’ in the United States.

[1] “Tony Blair says world is better as a result of Iraq War” BBC, July 7th 2016

2 Replies to “The World Is Better Off Today Because Of Me – Tony Blair”

  1. Of course the bigger the war crime the more these lying devils get away with it. He’ll never be prosecuted.

    As to bringing democracy, how pitiful. Like you say, people were better off without such “freedoms”. And seriously, it was all about the oil and opium anyway or whatever else lay on or under the soil.


  2. WWW – if he was black and in charge of an African nation he’d be hauled up before the ICC without a second thought. I believe the true reason he’s not in the Hague is because he’s hiding behind America’s coat-tails. Indict Blair and they’d have to indict Bush as well. They’ve not got the balls to attempt that.

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