The TPP – A Pathway To World Oligarchy

Have you heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal? If you have, it won’t have been from any channel of the US news media. The whole deal is taking place behind closed doors; doors firmly barred to the media, public, and even many politicians.

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Most of the negotiators involved in the TPP deal are corporate bosses, or their hirelings. Former Citibank executive, and now Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, is ‘acting’ for the US government. Make no mistake, if this deal is allowed to go through it WILL impact you. In fact, the very name ‘Trans Pacific Partnership’ is misleading. It involves the governments of twelve of the most powerful nations on the planet – nearly 60% of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP).

We’ve become used to corporate takeovers on a fairly large scale; this is the biggest one yet. It’s a corporate takeover of every government that signs up for it, and it seems likely most will. US President Barack Obama is presently in Asia. The prime purpose of his visit is discussion of the TPP. He won’t be acting in your interests. He’s backing corporate America.

And, he won’t stop there. He’s on record as stating the next goal is a Trans Atlantic Partnership with European corpocracy.

The previous article on Sparrow Chat covered the rise of oligarchy in the United States. If the TPP and TAP are allowed to reach fruition, every nation on the planet with a viable economy will become oligarchic. Democracy, already in a state of near-terminal ill-health, will be dead.

The above video, produced by FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)[1] lays bare the news blackout on this subject. It reveals what many have already realized: corporate owned media covering up what their bosses don’t want you, the People, to know.

[1] “TPP TV Blackout”, April 24th 2014

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