“The Question Is Whether America Will Do It.”

Today America celebrates Martin Luther King Jr’s 79th birthday. Unfortunately, for the past forty years Martin Luther King Jr has not been around to celebrate his January 15th birthday. Shot down by an assassin’s bullet in 1968, King, if he were able to witness the America of 2008, would probably demand he return and be shot all over again.

While the situation for black people has improved drastically since the civil rights marches of the fifties and sixties, there is now a new and deadly threat to the working people of America, whether they be black, or white, or any shade in between.

It is the empowerment of corporations, the bleeding of the working people, so those with the power never have to lift their well-manicured fingers, except perhaps to reach for a fat cigar, or another spoon of Beluga caviar to set at the side of their gold-embossed dinner plates.

Take as an example the men of the Gunite Plant in Rockford, Illinois, and how their lives and those of their families have been decimated by the dollar-vampires who grow fat wheeling and dealing, living in their fancy mansions with their servants and private jets. To such as they, the men of Rockford, Illinois, are less than nothing – to be used and abused and cast aside as worthless.

What would Martin Luther King Jr have to say of the company known as K.K.R.

Were Martin Luther King Jr here today he would be leading civil rights marches once again. This time he would be fighting, not just for black people, but for those trampled and trodden underfoot by the stampeding forces that would enslave all working Americans, given the opportunity.

The time is approaching when Americans must make a stand, cast their vote not for the glitzy; the worldly; the glib, but for those prepared to stand up and fight against the rapacious corporates, and for the rights of the working people of America.

But, as Martin Luther King Jr once said: “The question is whether America will do it.”

My thanks, once again, to “This Old Brit” for the link and video. More information is available HERE.

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6 Replies to ““The Question Is Whether America Will Do It.””

  1. **“The question is whether America will do it.”**

    That’s the $64,000 question alright, R.J. I hate to admit it, but lately I definitely do have some serious doubts – about either the present day ‘will’ or possible ‘ways & means’. If it’s not already too late, then it certainly soon will be.

    Thanks for the cite, btw. And, thanks for making such a good job (as always) of this subject yourself.

    While we ornery, old rebs may not exactly be able to move mountains on our own – we sure as hell can keep on putting up all manner of “Help Wanted” poster thingees — all across cyberspace. Eh?

  2. TOB – always happy to oblige and your site is guaranteed to provide the inspiration. I’m now almost convinced that neither the Repub, nor Dem nominee who wins the big prize will come up with the necessary goods. Too in the pockets of the corporates. As for the people, they say a skinny cat fights better than a fat one, but I think Americans have to lose a bit more weight before they’ll seriously stir themselves out of their self-imposed apathy. We’ll just have to keep pushing them.

  3. Edwards/Kucinich ’08 !!!

    I know it can’t happen, but wouldn’t it stir the pot a bit?

    I feel SO frustrated at the attitudes here. They think of socialism on the same level as pedophilia, even liberal is a dirty word in some circles.

    I want to run out in the streets screaming, “Wake up you idiots!!!!”

    Then I calm down and realise it’s not my problem, it’s theirs to sort out, and live with the consequences if they don’t. Trouble is, I’ll have to live with ’em as well though – so……..count me in – I’ll get me knitting ready….. Vive la revolution! 😉

  4. Ha,ha,ha. If I can’t get this splattered tea cleaned right out of me keyboard, Twilight, I’m sending you an invoice.

    Heh. I suddenly had this mental picture flash before me, of you sitting knitting as all the heads rolled … and … well ….. er … I suppose I should know better than to try drinking, reading and typing … all at the same time.

  5. Twilight – sure it’s our problem. We live here too, even we are classed as “aliens” and unable to vote. Edwards/Kucinich is a wonderful dream, Pollyanna.

    TOB – Vive Madame Guillotine! Aux barricades, mes enfants! Now let’s see, whose head will be first…….?

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