The Price Of Savagery

From “Gorilla’s Guides”:

” The number of children who have been handicapped or disabled due to massive U.S. offensives to subdue the restive city of Falluja has reached 500, according to a private aid group.

Alaa Hamed of the Society for the Welfare of Children said the U.S-led military operations in the city have left behind “massive destruction and at least 500 mentally or physically handicapped children.”

Falluja was once the main stronghold of groups opposing U.S. occupation among them al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia.

The city of nearly 200,000 people exchanged hands several times with the U.S. forces deploying disproportionate fire power from warplanes, heavy artillery and helicopter gun ships.

Hamed said all the 500 children were between one to five years of age.

U.S. troops invaded Iraq five years ago.

He said neither the U.S. nor the Iraqi government was paying any attention to their plight.

Hamed said his society was working with international aid organizations to transfer some of the most acute cases to hospitals in Jordan for treatment.”

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