The Plain Speaking Truth About G. H. W. B.

We interrupt this series of shorts on the antics of School Bus 13 to bring you a news bulletin:


You may think that a little disrespectful, even cruel. After all, what of his poor grieving family? Shouldn’t they be spared such harshness whilst husband and father is still warm in the mortuary?

For the next however-many-days until this man’s body is finally done away with, in whatever manner his vast fortune has allowed, we will hear nothing but hypocritical bla-bla emanating from the media, world politicians, would-be friends, etc, etc, all blathering of how wonderful he was, what a great man he was, a terrific world leader, (a Statesman, surely?) till anyone even vaguely familiar with the truth surrounding George H.W. Bush will likely puke with disgust.

Let’s start with Afghanistan. When the Russians finally pulled out of that god-forsaken country in 1988-89 George H.W. had just been elected US President. His predecessor, the artful though not very bright Ronald Reagan, with the cooperation of his Vice President (guess who? Yes! George H.W. Bush!), had been supplying arms, including the deadly Stinger missiles, to Osama bin Laden’s Mujaheddin, enabling them to defeat the Russian forces.

Once the Russians had gone, Bush, now the new US president, hailed the Afghan peoples’, “extraordinary triumph of spirit and will,” promising the U.S. would, “remove mines, resettle refugees, and reconstruct Afghanistan’s war-torn economy.”

It never happened. Bush abandoned Afghanistan and its people to their fate. There was no oil in Afghanistan, nor any other commodity useful to the United States. It had simply been used as a pawn in the cold war with Russia. The country rapidly descended into ferocious civil war, only ending when the Taliban gained a tenuous hold and imposed a draconian order. The Islamic fighters who routed the Russians eventually re-formed, became al Qaeda, and a decade later pulled off the greatest terrorist attack ever – 9/11.

Then, there was the Persian Gulf during the Iran/Iraq War when the US couldn’t decide which side they were on, but eventually, if rather surreptitiously, joined up with Saddam Hussein.

On July 3rd 1988, the cruiser USS Vincennes, one of America’s most advanced warships, shot down an Airbus A300, while on patrol in the Persian Gulf. Iran Air flight 655, was en route from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai. The aircraft was legitimately flying within its correct flight path, and gaining altitude when the Vincennes, ostensibly mistaking it for an Iranian F-15 fighter diving down in attack mode on the ship, shot it down. Of the 290 passengers and crew – all civilians, and including women and sixty-six children – there were no survivors.

Whether the Vincennes deliberately shot down the airliner is still a matter of conjecture. The tissue of (since proven) lies emanating from the administration and the Vincennes’ captain, Will Rogers III, immediately after the event suggests such may well have been the case. If Rogers had mistakenly slaughtered 290 innocents, normal procedure would surely have involved relief of command and a possible courts martial. As it was, there was no disciplinary action, and Rogers “received a handsome decoration for duties well performed.” The result of the naval investigation concluded, “Iran must bear principal responsibility for the tragedy.”

Both Reagan and Bush denied the US was in any way responsible. Bush, at that time was running for the presidency as Reagan’s second term was drawing to a close. When asked if he would apologise to the Iranians for the incident, he responded:

“I will never apologize for the United States – I don’t care what the facts are. I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.”

Well, Mister H.W. Bush, I’m not an apologise-for-not-liking-you kind of guy. You and your family between you have been responsible for more killing, more suffering, more war, more torture, and more incarceration without trial, than possibly any other administration in history, with the possible exception of the Third Reich. You and yours were just as “America First and Fuck the Rest,” as Donald Trump is today. The only difference: he’s upfront about it.

The above accounts are just two of many that could be evidenced: Somalia, the Balkans,the Iraqi Kurds, all part of the infamous ‘New World Order’ that you envisaged. An ‘order’ that brought nothing but suffering and death to thousands of your fellow human beings.

I will, therefore, end this bulletin as it began:


[1] “When Iran Air Flight 655 Was Shot Down By A US Navy Guided Missile Cruiser” War History Online, February 3rd 2018

NOTE: The above link is to probably the most ‘balanced’ account of the incident of Flight 655. There are others, mainly American, giving more US-biased accounts.