The Inevitable Course

The ugly face of America is once more in evidence as politicians head off for their summer break and the traditional ‘Town Hall’ meetings prevalent at this time of year.

Already reports are coming in of organized intimidation by far right activists who, at the behest of corporate lobbying companies and the health industry, are only too happy to swamp the public meetings of pro-health reform politicians, barrack and heckle the speakers so they can’t be heard, and threaten any who dare stand up to them.[1]

Is this democracy in action? Certainly not. The Great Power, so keen to spread its doctrines around the globe, acts surprised when those on whom it attempts to force its ideals rebel with fury and outrage. Is it any wonder? American democracy is a failure for all but a relative few of its citizens. The only winners are the rich and powerful corporates, able to dictate terms and manipulate masses to achieve their lucrative ends.

Foreign governments may bow the knee to US imperialism, aware of the wealth benefits to be accrued, but to ordinary folk the only reward is the obliteration of culture and enslavement to a foreign power.

Hardly surprising, then, that rebellion against the US produces factions such as al Qaeda, al Shabaab, and Hezbollah.

9/11/2001 was only ever a matter of time.

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright almost cost President Obama the election when he spoke of ‘America’s chickens coming home to roost’. The public outcry, nationwide across the whole spectrum of media, was deafening. US citizens were, as always, quick to defend their glorious nation – even against a naked, obvious, truth.

Democracy is a great and just concept, condemned to fail by homo sapien fallibility. Like every other system of government ever invented on this planet it falls victim to man’s inherent greed and lust for power over his fellow beings.

In the 21st century America controls that power. How much it is abused varies depending on the powerbase of the moment. In the first decade of this new century a single terrorist attack caused an outbreak of rampant imperialism under Bush that Obama will never fully counter, even if he manages to equal Bush’s two terms.

The damage is done. Iraq won’t go away and if there is ever a ‘victory’ in Afghanistan it will be, at best, equally inglorious.

Meanwhile, the ugly face of America continues to turn outward as left and right draw further apart over irreconcilable issues, previously only ever settled by the gun.

How long before someone in a Town Hall meeting somewhere resorts to that inevitable course?

[1] “Health Industry Sabotages Town Halls” MSNBC, August 4th 2009

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5 Replies to “The Inevitable Course”

  1. Jails for profit, health care for profit, education for profit, hell government itself and now, as some have it, our very souls (FB, Twitter, et al).
    Where will it all end, RJA?
    What a joke these hokey ‘town hall meetings’ are.

  2. There’d be no point me going to any “town hall meeting” in these parts, the only state where not one single precinct voted majority Democrat in 2008. 🙁
    Talk about a voice in the wilderness!! A ‘furrin’ voice, at that! I do feel that I ought to try though.

    Healthcare and environmental care are two very sticky wickets. I feel bad for Obama, who I believe wants more or less what we want, but meets obstacles at every turn.

    I can’t think too much about this without feeling my blood pressure rising!

  3. I am not quite sure where I read it…. but I really like the below statement….

    “American economy is : Socialism for the Rich and Capitalism for the Poor”….

    And the middle-class is shrinking each day…

  4. We finally get an intellect in the White House and the Opposition is hell bent on destroying him. Blatently promoting their evil and destructive ideas on the airways.
    Huligans and uninformed little minds that defy reason. They have gotten out of control and Americans of sound mind need to take the country back.
    Racism is playing a role, make no mistake about that. I call it” fear of the browning of America”. In another 20 years we white folks will not be the majority and I can only hope we will all be more informed and compassionate, with the common purpose of a better country and a better people.

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