The Immorality Of A President

Looking for evidence of corruption in the White House? Look no further than George Bush’s bolstering of the head of the World Bank – old pal, Paul Wolfowitz – in his corrupt hour of need.

Has anyone noticed how Bush’s appointees continue to be supported by the US president, even when it is perfectly obvious they are either corrupt or incompetent?

Who will ever forget that infamous line from a devastated New Orleans – “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job…….” or the misguided support offered to Harriet Miers, or more recently, Alberto Gonzales?

Let’s face it, Bush couldn’t pick a working snowflake in a Colorado blizzard. “Jobs for the boys” is his criteria, and nothing else matters – least of all, qualifications and experience. Wolfowitz was simply part of the strategy.

Having ‘their man’ in charge of the World Bank would have been expeditious, given the expected easy victory in Iraq. Poor old, bankrupt, Iraq would have benefited from World Bank money to rebuild the infrastructure ready for the oil moguls to move in. Unfortunately, the insurgency – oops, sorry, “terrorists” – put paid to that. Of course, the ever optimistic Mister Bush is still hopeful his “surge” will solve the Administration’s problems and render Wolfowitz’s position useful once more.

It was remiss of Mister W to assist his girlfriend in a leg-up to a tax-free $193,000, particularly as he is hated and despised by all the Bank’s employees, who were champing at the bit for any opportunity to shop him to the Executive Board.

There is no doubt Wolfowitz is guilty of a corrupt act. Why else would he apologize so profusely?

Is it not reasonable for America to expect its highest official to condemn such actions? Why, then, is the President of the United States supporting the continued presence of this dishonest individual in a position of such authority?

Surely, this advocation of admitted corruption can hardly be described as the act of a moral president?

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4 Replies to “The Immorality Of A President”

  1. Bush will probably give Wolfie a medal. That’s his usual routine for saying good bye to his fat head pals. Can you imagine having a man like Wolfie for your boss? Useless.

  2. PM – Bush is unable to recognize his mistakes. Notice how, even on the few occasions he has apologized, invariably it will be with a rider that really so-and-so was the true cause of the problem. Wolfie is hated within the World Bank. If he stays it will only be due to Bush applying pressure on the Executive Board.

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