The Great Papist Non-Event

Why do the rest of us have to suffer it? No matter which news media one tunes to the damn thing is there, in your face, headline news. It’s certainly not worthy of headline news. It might have been two or three weeks ago, but now it’s just a bunch of sad old men in red robes playing silly games with smoke and pretending to be righteous, upright, and saintly.

God knows, we’re only too well aware they’re not.

There are nigh on seven billion humans on this planet. According to Vatican figures only one point two million are Catholic. Given the Papal propensity for inflating figures (not just in the Vatican Bank), and allowing for many thousands disillusioned by the conduct of certain priests, plus lapsed believers, etc., we may assume the figure to be nearer one billion (and the sums are easier!). That makes an interested audience of around 14% of the world populace. Given that over half of them live in Latin America, Africa, and Asia…

…it leaves a North American and European Catholic audience of about five percent of the populace.[1]

Does that truly justify treating this non-event, (from the standpoint of all other religious believers and non-believers) as earth-shattering news, worthy of dominating 60%-70% of every news program this week, and for the foreseeable future?

Most of the US channels have moved their news studios to Rome en masse. Even the BBC is besotted by the color of the smoke from the Sistine Chapel stovepipe.

The truth is Roman Catholicism is dying. Only in the less developed areas of the world, where good education is often lacking, are there any converts. Western Europe and North America have seen drastic reductions in the numbers of the faithful over the last three decades.

Is it any wonder? Anyone familiar with the horrors inflicted by Rome, in cahoots with the Irish government, on the Irish throughout the twentieth century would stand amazed that the religion still has any followers at all in that country.[2]

We’ll probably never know what caused this one…

…to exit stage left so abruptly. All we can be sure of – it wasn’t just ill-health.

What we are seeing on our television screens in Rome right now are the leaders and hierarchy of a corrupt, cold-blooded, insensitive, business organization, with strong Mafia links.[3]

They are about to decide who will be the next of their number to front this nefarious organization. The western world’s news media seems determined to ensure we’ll all bear witness.

[1] “How many Roman Catholics are there in the world?” BBC, March 7th 2013

[2] “Ireland issues apology to the ‘fallen women’ it sent to Catholic workhouses” February 5th 2013

[3] “Prosecutors investigate Vatican Bank mafia link” Telegraph, June 10th 2012

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