The bin Laden’s Are Well, And Living In London

Have you ever wondered why Osama bin Laden has never been caught or killed? Considering he is the world’s most wanted man, and hunted – so we are told – by the most powerful nation in the solar system, isn’t it just a little odd no-one ever has sight nor sound of him?

There’s one lady who may possibly be able to help. Her name is Jane Felix-Browne and she lives in a small village called Moulton, in Cheshire, England. It just so happens Osama bin Laden has recently become her father-in-law. Ms Felix-Browne, age 57, has married bin Laden’s fourth eldest son, Omar Osama bin Laden, age 27, who is still practicing the art of scrap-dealership in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, while he waits for his bride to obtain a visa allowing him to visit Britain.

According to a BBC report, Ms Felix-Browne says:

“There’s no problem of him coming to England. Most of his aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters live in London anyway.”

Aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters – but not his father?

The CIA and FBI maintain bin Laden is still holed up on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, after they failed to trap him at Tora Bora. Even back in 2002 it seemed ridiculous that a billionaire like bin Laden would be hiding out in caves when he could be living in the luxury of a top class hotel – in London?

The Dorchester, perhaps, or the Ritz?

Of course, Ms Felix-Browne says Omar has not seen his father since 2000.

But then, she would – wouldn’t she?

BBC report HERE.

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