The Best Reason EVER For Staying In The European Union!

Paris in Germany

Could there possibly be any better reason than this for the British electorate to vote overwhelmingly on June 23rd to remain part of the European Union:

The UK would be “better off without” the European Union, US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has said.
He told Fox News the migration crisis had been a “horrible thing for Europe” and blamed the EU for driving it.
The Republican said he was not making a “recommendation” but his “feeling” was that the UK should vote to sever ties with the EU in its 23 June referendum.
Democratic President Barack Obama expressed support for the UK remaining in the EU last month.
Mr Trump, who has emerged as the Republican presumptive nominee for the US presidency, told Fox News: “I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe, a lot of that was pushed by the EU.
“I would say [the UK] are better off without [the EU], personally, but I’m not making that as a recommendation, just my feeling.
“I know Great Britain very well, I know the country very well, I have a lot of investments there.”
He added: “I want them to make their own decision.””[1]

This man is totally out of touch with foreign affairs: “I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe, a lot of that was pushed by the EU.”

Why has no-one questioned him on that ridiculous remark?

Europe just happened to be a lot closer than the United States to Syria and Iraq and Libya. Otherwise those same migrants would have been camping on Mister Trump’s doorstep, where they rightly belong. America’s catastrophic wars in the Middle East over the last two decades precipitated the present political situation in these countries and caused the migrant problem. But, of course, Mister Trump and Fox News wouldn’t want to admit that. It’s far easier to blame Europe for America’s failures.

Trump does have investments in Britain, one of the biggest is the Menie Estate in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It’s another failure. A decade ago he promised to create 6,000 jobs there. There are currently 150 people employed at the golfing complex.

He has another ‘investment’ golf course at Turnberry in Ayrshire, Scotland. Trump purchased it in 2014 for $60 million. Now, he’s threatening to pull out part of his investments.

In January 2016 the Independent reported:

Donald Trump has threatened to pull £700 million [$1.1 billion] worth of investment from Scotland if MPs ban him from entering the country but locals say investment and job creation have already failed to live up to promises he made almost a decade ago.

The Republican Presidential candidate’s much-hyped Aberdeenshire golf course has been a loss-maker since it opened in 2012. He has also made similar threats of pulling investment after losing fights against local residents and failing to block plans for a local wind farm.

Mr Trump warned this week that he will pull out the vast bulk of investment – £500 million [$722 million] – from the Menie Estate in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire. The other £200 million [$289 million] would be removed from Turnberry, a golf course in Ayrshire that he purchased for £40 million [$58 million] in 2014…
According to documents from UK public database Companies House, the Menie estate golf course has made multi-million pound losses over the last three years. The estate made a loss of £1.3 million [$1.9 million] in 2014, a loss of £1.8 million [$2.6 million] in 2013 and a further loss of £1.7 million [$2.5 million] in 2012…[My bold][2]

Trump is hardly a man of the people. He’s caused untold misery to many local Scottish residents in a bid to get his own way.

The Independent again:

Mr Trump has a long history of clashing with local residents…Michael Forbes refused to move out of his property on the Menie estate. In 2010 Mr Trump threatened to pull out investment in the golf course unless Mr Forbes cleaned up his house…A 91-year-old lady who lives in a mobile home on Mr Trump’s estate has also refused to move. She has spent much of the last five years without running water until her neighbour and son, Mr Forbes, helped her. She is ill and unable to speak to the press…Mr Trump has also built high earth mounds – called bunds – around residents Susan Munroe, David Milne and Michael Forbes who live on the estate…

Of course, local Councillors welcome Trump’s investment, despite numerous objections from those they’re elected to represent. One, Cllr. Isobel Davidson, remarked:

I do find Trump wearing. We get so many letters asking us not to let Trump into Aberdeenshire. But personality has nothing to do with planning permission.”

No, it doesn’t, but maybe the views of those who elected you, Ms Davidson, should have some bearing on planning decisions? Or, does money talk in Scottish councils as readily as it does for local legislatures in America?

There can be no doubt, based on his campaigning record, that Trump is unbalanced, under-educated, and in many ways no more than a non-religious version of George W Bush on steroids.

If Trump succeeds in gaining possession of the White House, Britain will need the umbrella of the E.U.. Trump has already stated his intention to withdraw much of the military spending on security support for Europe. The U.K. would not want to be out-on-a-limb if that occurred.

Or, maybe he’s looking forward to becoming U.S. President and declaring the U.K. the 51st State of the Union? Then he’d find it a lot easier to prevent wind farms and evict innocent folk from their homes.

[1] “EU referendum: Donald Trump backs Brexit” BBC, May 6th 2016

[2] “Trump fails to create promised jobs and investment in Scotland, locals say” The Independent, January 7th 2016

2 Replies to “The Best Reason EVER For Staying In The European Union!”

  1. Agreed! You asked “Why has no-one questioned him on that ridiculous remark?” Nobody ever questions him thoroughly on anything do they? It’s as though they are scared of him – and really they ought not to be – he’s an absolute doofus when it comes to politics in general, political procedures, and foreign policy.

    As mentioned in a comment earlier, I feel the UK would be better staying in the EU; the thought that a US President Trump could be a possibility is an additional reason!

  2. Twilight – I think the media’s afraid of embarrassing poor old Mister Trump. They might ask him a question he can’t answer, like, “On which continent is Libya (or Lebanon, or Iraq, etc…).”
    The contest over “Brexit” (how I hate these stupid, media Americanized, abbreviations! The UK had its local elections last week – they called it “Super Thursday”….Sheeesh!) is apparently very close. I’m hoping Trump’s words will tip the balance in favour of staying in.

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