Thank You, God, For Not Existing.

“Oh, God, you know what Saddam has done! He killed millions of Iraqis in prisons, in wars with neighboring countries and he is responsible for mass graves. Oh God, we ask you to take revenge on Saddam.” ~ Sheik Sadralddin al-Qubanji, a member of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, the dominant party in al-Maliki’s coalition.

It’s amazing how the human race can twist and warp its own religious teachings to suit its ends. This is not the insane cry of a religious anarchist, or extremist, but the sermon of a mosque preacher in the Shiite holy city of Najaf. He called Saddam’s forthcoming execution:

“God’s gift to Iraqis”.

The face of Islam expressed to the world today. Christians may well smirk and feel smug, but their so-called “religion” has been besmirched by just as much blood and torment as Islam, and still is today.

To suggest, as those of a religious bent do constantly, that mankind would have no benchmarks or standards of morality without the ten commandments or other “divine interventions”, is proved wrong incessantly; none more obviously than the revenge ethic of the religious, constantly calling “death to the sinner” both in Iraq and the United States.

A total disregard for their “divine commandment”:

Thou shalt not kill. Period.

I have no set religion. If I did, I would daily give thanks to God for revealing to me that He does not exist.

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