Supreme Court – Heart Of Corruption?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States of America hammered what is likely the final nail into the coffin lid of a long-ailing social system known colloquially as ‘Democracy’ in this country.

It’s been slowly, but systematically, poisoned over many years. Now, we can be sure it’s finally dead.

In a 5-4 decision, the Court – once the prime lawmaker, composed of wise men and women whose over-riding interest was that of the people of America, but now no more than a tool of corporate power on full public display – swept away decades of control over the political spending of corporate bodies, allowing the full financial power of corporate America to buy lackey politicians happy to do their bidding.

In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt signed into law the Tillman Act, which banned corporate political spending. He foresaw the damage likely to be done to American democracy if such powerful institutions weren’t prevented from buying their way into US politics. Forty years later, Congress extended that law to include unions, who also were becoming way too powerful for their, or anyone else’s, own good.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court displayed its degradation to the world. Once a proud symbol of American democracy, the only image it exhibits today is that of a corrupt servant slouching and fawning at the heels of a wealthy and powerful master who contemptuously throws forth the occasional crust of stale bread.

It took only minutes for five, so-called, ‘judges’ to undo the wise decisions and political actions of the many great presidents and politicians who fought to make this nation, not only great, but just.

Today, in America, justice is dead. No longer can the judiciary be relied on to judge fair and honestly. Tomorrow, they and the politicians who govern us will be mere servants of the corporations, and we, the people, will find our voices silenced and our opinion suppressed.

It is incredibly ironic that the Supreme Court ‘justices’ who voted in favor of this ruling used an extreme example of the right of free speech to justify their decision. They upheld an outdated ruling that a corporation was legally the equivalent of a single person.

But then, they needed some excuse, however flimsy and inept.

There are times I find the words of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann somewhat ‘over-the-top’. He can occasionally be a trifle overwhelming. Last night, he was neither of those things. His words on the subject were exact – precise, at worst, accurate.

Not only America, but the world needs to listen to Olbermann. What has started here will spread – is already spreading – around the globe, like a virulent canker with no known cure.

PART ONE: (Do NOT click on any ‘redirection to Part Two’ message at the end of part one. Part Two is available below).


It was William Howard Taft who said:

Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court goes on forever.”

He failed to add: ‘……… in one form, or another’.

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5 Replies to “Supreme Court – Heart Of Corruption?”

  1. If you haven’t seen it already, RJA, I recommend you see the powerful documentary: The Corporation.

    It only confirms what has happened in the USA (and truly, everywhere).


  2. WWW – yes, I’ve seen the documentary. Towards the end a number of contributors displayed optimism – suggesting the multinationals could be tamed. That was, I think, seven years ago. Today, I can find nothing that substantiates their faith.

    Nevin – sadly, those who really need to view these documentaries, never watch them. They’d rather play their violent video games, or watch blood and guts on TV.

    Twilight – thanks for the compliment, and the link.

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