If You Want A Job Doing Properly…….

Sparrow Chat is up and running again! At long last, the internet is restored. Do we raise our glasses and toast the good services of our cable provider for this resumption?


“Insight Communications”, having promised faithfully that a repair man would be out the same day, on each of the eight daily occasions I have rung them since our power was restored on December 2nd, still have not been observed anywhere in our neighborhood.

Having finally reached the very limit of my patience….and a bit beyond…….this morning the weather had improved sufficiently for me to don twenty layers of clothing and venture out to assess the damage.

The offending cable had parted just before it reached the house. Grabbing a ladder, pliers, and a soldering iron, I headed skywards, and within ten minutes the ends had been spliced and we were “on-air” once more.

Had I realized it was so simple, I’d have done it a week ago!

God alone knows when the official repairman will get around to calling. Frankly. I don’t care anymore.

As the old adage has it:- “If you want a job doing properly – do it yourself.”

Over the last week I have written a number of posts. I have now published them in descending order for ease of reading. They are all dated “December 1st”, to kid WordPress into publishing them in the right order, and are set out below.

It’s good to be back.

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5 Replies to “If You Want A Job Doing Properly…….”

  1. Mr. Adams,

    I was beginning to panic … I hope you and Mrs. A. are okay!

    You are missed, but I am relieved it doesn’t seem to be illness!

  2. Hope that you are Ok and have survived the onslaught provided by nature. Looking forward to your next report, drinking a glass of wine to your good health. cheers

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