Still Unsure Whether Or Not To Attack Syria?

Last night, September 10th 2013, I suffered six minutes of the US President, Barack Obama, attempting to make his case for waging war on Syria.

After six minutes had passed I could stand to watch and listen no more. What he said in the remainder of his fifteen minute speech became irrelevant. The phrase “supercilious claptrap” was invading my brain. To suggest that by using chemical weapons the Syrian regime was somehow putting the world at risk, that “terrorists” might get hold and make use of them is so absurd as to be laughable, were the situation not so serious.

Syria has had huge stockpiles of chemical weapons for years. The West has never considered them such a threat before. Anyway, any Middle East terrorist worth his salt could lay hands on such weapons easily, without going near Syria. There is already some evidence the sarin gas used in Syria of late was supplied to Jihadist rebels by Saudi Arabia.[1]

Prior to President Obama’s TV appearance I had just watched an interview with Andrew Bacevich, on the Syrian situation. Bacevich was a long time soldier and is now Professor of History at Boston University. Frankly, listening to President Obama after hearing the wisdom of Bacevich, was akin to switching channels from a top quality documentary to a third-rate reality show.

I don’t often submit long videos for Sparrow Chat readers, but I promise you thirty minutes spent listening to Phil Donahue and Andrew Bacevich will not be a waste of your time. I would like to thank my old blogging pal, Al DeVito, at “Vineyard Views” for bringing it to my attention.

[1] “Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack” Mint Press, August 29th 2013

4 Replies to “Still Unsure Whether Or Not To Attack Syria?”

  1. I’m still having trouble getting my comments to go through, RJ. Did a longish one the other day and it just disappeared.

    will try again….testing testing…..

  2. Oh – that worked!

    I watched Prez’s speech just to see how he or his writers had rapidly re-written it to reflect the most recent diplomacy initiative, Putin etc. He didn’t even mention that until nearly the end, and then only half-heartedly.

    Fingers crossed that it’s not all going to go arse about face again – either of its own accord or with a little help from….whoever. ;-(

  3. Twilight – sorry you’re having trouble. I don’t know what can be causing it. No other reports of issues. Let me know if it continues. I did have problems getting Sparrow Chat to load for a while, but that turned out to be an issue with the ‘Odiogo’ button. It’s been okay recently, though.
    On the video: I think Bacevich is a great advocate for the American people, having served so long in the military and being conservative. I read his book, “Limits Of Power” and was very impressed with it. I’m not in favor of returning to conscription, but I do think the present system is too open to abuse by politicians. He was right to call it, “Washington’s Army.”

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