Spot The Differences – Anyone?

What most of Britain’s daily’s and periodicals have failed to highlight, at least so far, about the recent visit to 10, Downing Street, London, of Mrs Margaret Thatcher, to take tea with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, is the epitome of 21st century British politics this act represents.


    Photo: courtesy “The Guardian”

Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” of Tory party policies hobnobbing with Brown, the “Iron Chancellor” of Blair’s “Socialist” government, focuses nicely on the fact that neither Labour nor Tory party policies represent any significant differences at all. Gone are the days when socialist Labour was the party of the working people, financed by union contributions and determined to fight tooth and nail for the rights of the common man.

Britain has the Blair years to thank for the Labour party’s steady swing away from the left-wing of UK politics and well towards the right. Ironically, it was Blair’s close association with the ultra right-wing George Bush that helped push his party virtually into the laps of those Tories manning the British Parliament’s opposition front benches.

In Britain today, no matter which party holds the reigns of power, it is the rights of the corporate bosses, the bankers, and the stockbrokers that are honed and polished, while the people who handed their politicians the lofty positions they hold are left to scoop up crumbs.

Ten years ago, the idea of two opposing party leaders taking tea together would have been derided in Britain.

Times change; though not always for the better.

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