Spiteful As Well As Stupid?

Recently, Sparrow Chat reported [1][2] on the poor state of this nation’s Social Security Administration. CBS News also ran a two-nightly report on the same subject.

When George W Bush first came to power in 2000, he made much of privatizing the SSA, coupling that with hare-brained schemes making individuals responsible for ensuring their own future pensions. It didn’t go down well with America, and eventually Bush had to accept he was flogging a dead horse, and give up.

Given the quality of the man, has spite for this failing been a factor in determining many of the problems now faced by the SSA?

Just a month ago, the request for an extra two hundred million dollars to help the SSA control its backlogs was turned down by the Bush administration. Now, suddenly, one hundred and forty BILLION dollars is available for economic stimulus.

A report in the New York Times of March 2004 revealed that the Bush government:

“….. is borrowing more than $200 billion a year from the Social Security and Medicare trust funds to finance its operating deficits.[3]

In 2000, Bush said Social Security was “broken”. Is he intent on ensuring it stays that way?

[1] A Call For Change

[2] Another Call For Change

[3] NYT March 2nd, 2004

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