Sometimes It Hard Not To React

Sometimes it’s hard not to react. Though always better to bide one’s time, think things through, decide on a sane and sensible response, sometimes it’s hard not to react.

The president of the United States (I cannot bring myself to use a capital ‘P’ when describing this present incumbent, at least not when describing him as the ‘president’) is the Commander-in-Chief. How frequently has he informed us of that fact?

On his watch, so many people have suffered and died. So many have lost their homes, their jobs, their families. Both in America after Katrina, and in Iraq for the last four and a half long years, this man has propagated suffering on a massive scale.

While the US media plays down Iraq – no mention for days at a time, or, “it’s getting better”, or, well-placed camera shots of apparently crowded streets with happy shoppers enjoying their new found American freedom – in the middle of the night they come, his Nazi-style, jack-booted, servants of death seeking out God-knows-who, spreading fear and killing indiscriminately in their passing: a child here, an old man there, a toddler in a car.

These are the ones who do his dirty work: his ‘Gestapo’.

Read about them from media not in bed with corporate government – HERE.

Meanwhile, back at the Commander-in-Chief’s place, life has been busy. He’s been making a video.

Watch it HERE, but keep a bucket to hand.

You may feel the urge to vomit.

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3 Replies to “Sometimes It Hard Not To React”

  1. There are no surprises from this moronic, cretinous thug in the White House, RJA. The glass bubble man. Nothing touches him. How he can continue to take the longest vacations of any president in history in his self-declared “war times” and cut brush and ride bikes while grinning that imbecilic sneer while his paid (and unaccountable)mercenaries go on killing and raping sprees gobsmacks the world. The one gift he gives us is a greater understanding of how Hitler also anointed himself the Great Decider without challenge. Not that that’s doing us any good. Why on earth is he not impeached along with his puppeteers, does he have that many dirty pictures of the opposition?
    I’m truly, truly baffled on this.

  2. Barney would have made a better president.

    Let’s be happy that we’re at the end, and not the beginning, of his term of office. Let’s hope that the American People show a lot more sense at the polls next year!

  3. WWW – the only explanation for Bush and Co’s immunity from impeachment, is that the opposition are in bed with him. Corporate control flows all ways on Capital Hill.

    Twilight – Oh, Ye of boundless optimism!

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