Something To Celebrate?

Purim starts this Saturday evening. No, it’s really not a new advert for dishwasher liquid – but “….a [Jewish] holiday that commemorates the redemption through divine intervention of the Jewish people from an evil Persian ruler about 2,500 years ago.”

At least, that’s according to today’s Jerusalem Post.

OK? What’s so special about that, you ask?

Normally, not a lot – unless, of course, you’re a Jew celebrating Purim. But this year Purim is also being celebrated by the lunatic Christian fringe, otherwise known as the Evangelicals, who are planning to use – or, perhaps, “abuse” might be a better word – six million children in the process.

It’s all the brainchild of this man –


Michael D Evans: evangelist; avid supporter of Israel and all things Israeli, founder of the Mike Evans Ministries.

The “Plan” is to “enlist” six million children “….to pray that God annul [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad’s plans for the destruction of the Jewish people……”

Apparently, the two sons of darkness, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, are also in on it – which is hardly surprising.

According to Evans:

“The number six million is a reminder to Christians that never again must we allow a Holocaust……and since the young suffer most in times of catastrophe, it is fitting that children should be the ones praying.”

No more holocausts then, but genocide and apartheid are fine.

On the surface, Zionist Jews and Evangelicals make strange bedfellows, but Evangelicals have long supported the Jewish State. They see it as Biblical prophesy that Israel plays a vital role in God’s plan for the “Rapture” and, as a consequence, their divine responsibility to ensure Israel’s survival.

To normal human beings, with logical brains delivering logical thoughts, such ideas are so immature as to be scarcely worth considering. When six million innocent, easily-indoctrinated, children are involved the whole idea becomes appalling.

What, I wonder, would both Zionist Jews and Evangelicals say if Iran’s president was to “enlist” all Iranian children to pray that Allah annul George Bush’s plan to destroy Iran?

At the very least, they would condemn it as manipulation of the young and innocent.

Evan’s ego-inflated website can be found HERE. He obviously considers himself an influential man, and maybe he is. He describes himself as “… of the most-viewed Middle East analysts in the United States.”

Maybe he’s that also. If so, it is alarming for one very good reason.

However much knowledge one person acquires, and however cleverly they utilize that knowledge, if the very foundation of their belief system is at fault then the knowledge is for nothing and its use is detrimental.

Evangelicals and Zionist Jews tend to have one common denominator – they are self-inverting, looking to themselves and each other without regard for those outside their community. They lack an all-embracing, forgiving, love of humanity. Israel has proved this over and over in its brutal suppression of the Palestinian people, just as the Evangelical movement in America has sought political power to gain control over us all and force their false ideals upon us.

For that reason alone humanity should shun their presence and ensure their power is restricted. Manipulating the nations of the earth in an attempt to bring about their own delusional prophecies is a dangerous game that could rebound on all of humanity.

Jews acknowledge Purim to honor their god’s intervention; freeing them from slavery. Enslaving six million innocent young minds gives no cause for celebration.

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