Snowflakes On London

There are times the British are a pain in the ass. Despite being one of them, I often find it difficult to tolerate their bleaty attitude whenever they’re slightly inconvenienced.

Take the recent heavy snow falls in southern England as an example. All we hear on the BBC News are commuters complaining – “there’s not enough snow ploughs”; “the roads aren’t salted enough”; “the trains don’t run on time”; “the planes are grounded”, and, from one woman: – “I’ve just come back from America and they cope wonderfully with this type of weather. Why can’t we be like them?”

Yes, my dear, that’s because in most of America it’s an annual event lasting from December till April. If they weren’t geared up to cope with heavy snowfalls the whole nation might as well do what grounghogs do best – hibernate for the winter.

London was paralyzed this week by ten inches of snow and more on the way.[1] The last time they experienced such a storm was eighteen years ago. Londoners are sliding around on their backsides blaming everyone else for the icy conditions: the government, the local authorities, even the Mayor of London.

Now, I’ve been known to criticize Mayor Boris Johnson. I’ve even called him a total buffoon with about as much intelligence as a lobotomized earthworm, but just this once I had to agree with him when he stated that it made no sense to purchase loads of expensive snow ploughing equipment, only to have it rusting in a yard for eighteen years waiting for the next big “snow event”.

A number of top British whiners even complained they were the embarrassment of Europe, because the buses had to stop running.

“They never stopped runnin’ in the war. They wus runnin’ right through the blitz!” cried one old goat, as though the Luftwaffe had been some meteorological disturbance whipped up by the BBC weather service.

Someone should have pointed out that, if Hitler had sent as many bombs in 1940 as the weather provided snowflakes in 2009, there would have been no London for the buses to run in.

As for Brits being the laughing stock of Europe, that’s been the case since 1992, when the rest of the E.U. switched to the euro, while Britain clung dogmatically to its dodgy pound as it dropped in value against the European currency………and dropped, and dropped, and dropped…..

……like snowflakes on London.

[1] “Heavy snow disrupts London travel” BBC, February 2nd 2009

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2 Replies to “Snowflakes On London”

  1. And of course a lot of this hubbub over the snow in the UK is created by the media so that they don’t have to write about the real snowstorms in England right now.

  2. Hey, I *live* in the UK, and I’m embarrassed by the fuss that people are making. I think that the big issue is that if this continues, capitalism will fail (the news last night was pointing out all the empty car parks at our giant out of town shopping centres and bemoaning that the staff had to be sent home early to make sure they *got* home). The news reports were full of how much this has cost the country…

    With the issue that the roads aren’t salted enough – it looks like we are actually starting to run out of grit (; “Wiltshire County Council warned that it may have to restrict gritting to its main roads, as it was running out of salt. The authority said it had used 7,000 tonnes so far, and needed to preserve its remaining 7,000 for the weekend.”)

    The problem is that everyone thinks this is pretty, but hates the inconvenience it causes to their perfect lives (even I had a little frown when I slithered my way to the supermarket to discover that there were no vegetables, and then went to the Farmers’ Market today to discover that the farmer I buy veg from couldn’t dig them out of the ground!). And, of course, the British response to this is to moan… 😉

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